MNKF: The Harpoon

Harpoon-style blades perform a ton of functions. Widely adopted by the bushcraft crowd and outdoorsy types, the blade is beloved because not only is it a practical cutting tool but it can also be turned into a functioning spear tip. Harpoon blades make great neck knives due to their smaller size, plus they usually have Paracord handles, and we all know Paracord is great for making bracelets in a survival situation (insert laugh track here).

Harpoons tend to have long skinny handles great for lashing to a pole or walking stick. The blades are usually around 2.3 inches or more (for you outback types). The handle design allows for a close choke-like grip which is great for detailed work like camp chores or thrusting between some scumbag’s ribs while he’s trying to hurt you. Free hugs for all you criminal types.

Harpoon type blades can be concealed pretty easily, whether worn around the neck as mentioned or dropped into the pocket (depending on size of course). For the prepper in all of us, this style of knife checks a lot of boxes. Multifunctional tool – CHECK, Paracord (cordage, fire tinder, oh and cool bracelets) – CHECK.

This particular harpoon has a G10 scaled handle for improved grip, and was designed as a back up blade. Notches were cut above the cutting blade and further up the handle for various grip techniques, providing adaptability for specific chores. It’s on the small side so it could fit in more places, whether on body, tucked away in a pack or affixed to a pack strap.

There are few different companies offering Harpoon style blades. This particular one was custom made but there are production models in various sizes. Get to Googling if you are curious about the Harpoon. Now let’s go weave some Paracord bracelets.


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