The Miracle of Ammo Up: Never Pick Up Brass Again

I have been using the larger Ammo Up products at high end ranges for years, but when I walked past Shama at the NRA Show (see picture above) I found out they had a personal unit that I can take with me where ever I shoot and pick up the evidence, I mean brass with no fuss or bending over.  I hate brass.

Ammo Up is a family owned small business and makes all of their products in America.  Who doesn’t love that?  America.

This is what it looks like after she pushed it down on the brass.  Boom:

A simple movement of the single control of the device releases the brass into the container of your choice.  Now, Shama is a highly trained brass retrieval professional, but if you watch the VIDEO, Ammo UP guarantees that any primate with functioning opposable thumbs can pick up brass just as fast.

This time tested technology was refined in the nut harvesting industry for decades and is now ready for the firearms world.  I couldn’t make that up.

What Does Ammo-Up Pick Up?

Ammo-Up has five unique machines designed to pick up a large variety of shells, casings and even those pesky paintballs. Below you will find a list of the items that Ammo-Up will pick up. If you do not see your item here, please contact us.

Seems to good to be true?  Watch their VIDEO,

You can get your very own Ammo Up miracle brass solution from

Work in the government?  They have GSA pricing, just ask nicely for the secret price.

About Ammo Up:

Ammo-Up manufactures machines that pick up brass and shotgun shells off of range floors. Although Ammo-Up ammunition collectors have only been around for only 8 years, it’s parent company Bag-A-Nut has been manufacturing similar units for over 22 years.

Bag-A-Nut was started by long-time inventor, James Dudley, back in 1988. Mr. Dudley was picking up Pecans for his uncle when he thought “There has to be a better way!” By that next year Bag-A-Nut was born and Dudley’s Nut harvesters were debuted across the Southern states.

Mr. Dudley has since passed away, but his inventive spirit carries on with his grandsons, Caleb & Silas Dudley leading the company. In 2008 Caleb re-designed the Bag-A-Nut for brass and shotgun shells, and has been selling Ammo-Up’s to ranges, and shooters across the world. His brother Silas was head engineer on the newly developed Ammo-Up COMPACT, A handheld personal ammunition collector. With the 2 Dudley brothers, a wife, mother-in-law and brother-in-law have joined the Ammo-Up team. A truly American Family owned and ran business. “It’s quite a unique thing we have going down there,” says Shama Dudley, Marketing Manager of Ammo-Up. “We actually all get along, and really love each other and have a passion for American Manufacturing.”  That is a rare and beautiful thing in this day and age.

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