Millennium Tree Seat

By Dr. John

As a fervent white-tailed deer hunter, I like the flexibility of moving around my hunting property from stand to stand as the deer season changes. When the wildlife food plots green up in late October with lush ryegrass, wheat and oats, I like to slip into a shooting house along a mile long right-of-way to see both directions. We have several enclosed elevated houses that give several options for different areas to hunt.

Later as the food plots begin to die out due to heavy cold weather frosts and over browsing, then we like to move to other optional hunting stands including 16-foot high tripod stands with 360 degree rotating seats. We also have a number of ladder stands strategically placed overlooking trails, funnels, bedding areas, thickets, water courses, and other habitat features.

Even so, there are times when I find a hot rub line or maybe a super active scrape in an area where no fixed stand is posted. There is always the ground blind option, but sometimes a late season blind placement can cause a disturbance that deer become wary of very quickly. So what other options are there?

Well, glad you asked. I ran across a unique new kind of hunting seat stand a couple years ago mainly because the company Millennium Treestands by Hunting Solutions, Inc. is headquartered right here in my backyard in Pearl, Mississippi.

The stand is called their Ground Seat, though it does not actually sit on the ground. The “seat” is a vinyl coated polyester tight sling seat of a material called Textilene ® that resists water and scent. It is similar to the other types of seats that made Millennium tree stands so popular. It is mounted to a metal frame that allows the seat bottom to be folded up against the back and secured closed with a stretch cord closure.

The entire seat is secured at a seated height to a tree via a strap that goes around the trunk of a selected tree and is hooked into the seat frame on the opposite side. Once pulled tight at the proper seating height for the user the strap affixes the stand to the tree also held in place at the bottom of the seat frame. As the user sits down, downward pressure is applied from the lower seat frame to the tree for added stability.

The Ground Seat frame is lightweight aluminum making the entire seat weigh less than five pounds. The all welded seams provide superior strength without the use of assembly bolts. An attached backpacking strap makes the stand easy to transport anywhere in the woods or for other hunting applications.

While the Millennium Ground Seat is suitable for all types of hunting including duck hunting, turkey, squirrel and dove, in my mind this seat is perfect for deer hunting. The flexibility afforded by being able to set up anywhere you want, makes this an ideal stand for deer hunting. Take along a fabric ground blind cover, pop it up In front of the Ground Seat and you are ready to hunt.

Setting the Ground Seat up takes a bit of practice in order to get the seating height adjusted to where your feet are securely planted on the ground. You can mount the seat a bit high, if you want to sit up more straight, or lower on the tree to where your legs can stretch out more for a more low profile position. This would be a good position for turkey hunting, though it works well for deer hunting, too. If you sit up straight, then try using a Primos Trigger Stick for a solid gun placement for accurate shooting from the Ground Seat.

The Millennium Ground Seat is a unique product offering not only long term sitting comfort, but the option of moving quickly to set up in areas where the game is active. Easy to carry and set up, this Ground Seat makes for a handy option to permanent stand hunting.

Via:: Millennium Tree Seat

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