Mil-Spec Monkey Tactical Gear

Regular readers of this blog are aware that I will from time to time take the occasional jab at the tacticool mall ninja operator. If you have been in this sport for sometime or go to gun shows on a regular basis you know who I am talking about. However those that know me well in real life know that I am just one rail upgrade and a fanny pack away from falling into this category myself. I try to walk the line between useful technology that looks cool and overdoing it.

However after checking out the offerings at Mil-Spec Monkey I may loose the battle. Monkey as he likes to be known, is a DOD contractor who comes from a strong artistic and design background. He has worked with those who serve to raise morale with the creation of some very unique patches and products that make life in the suck just a little bit brighter.

For us civilians or those of us returning to civilian life Monkey has created a series of clothing that will allow you to carry those patches over to your day to day. Of the various apparel Monkey has developed the crown jewel (pun intended) is the MSM CG Hat Dlux, which stands for Mil-Spec Monkey Cool Guy Hat Deluxe. The MSM CG Hat Dlux combines the base of a FlexFit hat with Hook and loop fasters located on the front, back and top of the hat, the button on the top of the hat is removed, a loop is added to the back to hang the hat and 2 retractable ear protection lanyards are installed.

  • The front panel is approx 4″ x 3″
  • The rear is 3″ x 3″
  • with a 5.5″ x 1″ strip at the bottom for name tapes.
  • There is  a 2″ x 2″ diamond up top if you are cool enough to need IR patches
  • All edges have been sewn down for super smooth no snag functionality
  • Ear plugs are included, however the user can use any that are screw-in compatible
  • Hats are still compatible with sunglasses and active/electronic ear protection.
  • Currently available in: Khaki, Loden (GreenishBrown), Black, and Multicam

The Hat

The Review
We got our hands on this hat last week and from the get go it was a huge hit. I am a huge hat fan that borders on snobbery.  Finding the right hat is often a chore and I often have trouble locating the perfect hat. As I wear one almost everyday the ones I have are often beat up due to constant abuse with few options I find truly comfortable.

FlexFit is one of the few brands that I like but the button on top has always bothered me. Also they are usually more light weight then I prefer unless heavily embroidered. I have a FlexFit from an old job of mine that is over 13 years old that my wife will not let me go out in public with due to its condition. It is heavily embroidered and just the right weight and comfort. The MSM CG-HAT DLUX was like putting that hat on. It felt perfect from the get go. The clean stitching of the hook and loop to the material combined with the weight of the PVC patches made for the perfect feeling hat. The lack of the hard button on the top of my skull also made this hat even more comfortable.

So as a hat it stands alone in my opinion and is reason enough to buy it. But this is a CG DLUX hat and as such we have not even scratched the surface. Lets see what we get for the CG part of its name. Versatility is the name of the game here. If you want name tags, allergy information, LE or Mil rank , team information or maybe you just want to advertise your a Pork Eating Crusader you can do that. Not only can you do that you can change it up as you see fit. The high density hook and loop that is used on both the PVC patches and the hat itself provide an incredibly tight connection point but because it is hook and loop you can change out your configuration regularly.

The DLUX part is what makes this hat tacticool, tactical, useful, bad ass and just down right smart. Built in retractible ear protection is sown into the outer rim of the hat as you can see in the images above. This allows you to store away your ear protection conveniently in your hat for when you need it. To use it simple pull down on the changeable ear protection buds place them in your ear and enjoy the silence. When your done remove them from your ear and press a hidden button on the side of the hat to automatically retract them.

People who may find this covert ear protection handy

  1. Range shooters or officers
  2. Constructions workers
  3. Plant workers
  4. Parents
  5. Married people

Seriously you go to Chucky Cheese with these things and they will have paid for themselves in that one trip. Wife bugging you about cutting the lawn, oh what was that can’t hear you :) Ok I kid here, sort of but the fact is having ear protection on you can come in handy more often then you think.

Once you buy this bad ass hat that you can find on the Mil-Spec Monkey Story located HERE you are going to need to decorate it. In the interest of keeping this a friendly family site I have highlighted a few of the cleaner and more interesting patches that Monkey has designed. Chances are that you will run out of money before you run out of cool patches to buy.


All of this is done right here in the USA including the stitching.  Many of the patches are tied to donations made for various warrior based charities so you are doing good while getting something for yourself.  Check out their location pictures below in our gallery and be sure to visit their website. You will find they have many additional products that like this hat are both cool and useful.


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