Manticore Arms Designs Suppressor for Scorpion EVO

Manticore Arms’ Venom Suppressor mounted on the Scorpion EVO. (Photo: Manticore Arms)

Illinois-based Manticore Arms released a new suppressor, the Venom, designed around the 9mm chambered CZ Scorpion EVO pistol.

Manufactured and distributed by Rat Worx, the Venom suppressor attaches to an existing Scorpion EVO pistol, Scorpion EVO Bullpup Kit or other short-barreled rifles with a 7.75-inch barrel. In its ideal state, the Venom maintains the Scorpion EVO’s aesthetics through the use of a forend assembly.

The Venom comes with all the needed materials to mount to the Scorpion EVO. (Photo: Manticore Arms)

To mount, the existing forend and muzzle device is removed and the Venom’s mounting block, muzzle device, and own forend slip onto the Scorpion EVO. To complete the assembly, the suppressor core is the slide into place and the rig is ready to shoot.

Made from 6061 aluminum, the Venom opts for a 12-inch length forend with a weight tipping scales at around 32-ounces. The Venom sports a Type III black hard-coat anodizing, integral QD pocket, Picatinny rail and M-LOK slots on the sides and underside of the rail.

(Photo: Manticore Arms)

“The unique design of the forend and suppressor core allow any underside mounted M-LOK accessories to stay in place even when the core is removed or installed, a feature not seen before in any integrally suppressed forend,” Manticore Arms President Sven Jonsson said in a news release.

Additionally, Manticore Arms says the Venom suppressor’s build features a larger surface area which in turn allows it to stay cooler longer while firing.

The suppressor core. (Photo: Manticore Arms)

“The larger amount of overall material, larger surface area, and approximately 2.7 times larger internal volume than a typical 9mm suppressor allows the Venom to stay cool over long strings of fire,” Jonsson explained. “In testing the suppressor can still be comfortably held even after rapid-fire of over 100 plus rounds in rapid succession and can be fired all day long at a typical firing pace.”

The Venom retails for $449 and includes the forend, muzzle device, and suppressor core.


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