Man Shot and Killed at Bank in Detroit

Friday morning a man was murdered in his car. The 25 year old young man was shot at a Chase Bank on woodward just north of Chicago. The young man was shot multiple times with at least 5 casings found on the scene.

The attacker is supposed to have run up to the car window with the victim sitting inside. The attacker then opened fire hitting the victim multiple times who then died in the hospital.

It is unknown why the victim was there with reports suggesting he may have been using the night drop box. An ATM ambush is most likely not the cause.

Events like this are horrible to read, but by looking at what we as armed and vigilant citizens lets look at what could have been done to prevent or minimize this tragedy.

The most important thing to take form both this attack and the recent train attack in California is situational awareness. While I can not speculate on the awareness of this person it is safe to reason he was unaware of his attackers approach.

When pulling into a parking lot look at the cars to see if they are empty. Determine how many people are near you and the current state of their activities. Do they look to be watching for people or do they appear to be leaving?

When parking look in your side and rearview to see if anyone is approaching your vehicle. Be prepared to drive away if you see danger approaching. While I am a stand your ground advocate your safest bet is to never get into a confrontation.

Make sure to park in a well lit area if possible. Sometimes the shortest walk is not the safest. If possible you want to make sure you are in a well lit area. If not a flashlight works as both a deterrent and a possible line of defense.

As you unbuckle continue to scan for people approaching your car. Thieves look for distracted and weak targets. Sometimes just demonstrating you are aware is the protection you need.

Lastly be a licensed CPL holder and carry everyday. You never know when a weapon may be needed. By carrying everyday in every place that your legally allowed to you reduce your risk of not having your weapon when you need it most.

Remember guns are not the only line of defense. With situational awareness you may find that the need to draw your weapon is greatly reduced.