MAGPUL announces HB1224 has passed out of committee in CO

Magpul makers of the famous and almost impossible to find Pmags has issued a release regarding CO HB1224. You can find the wording for HB1224 here.
The Bill has passed out of committee with a 7-4 vote. You may be asking how does this affect us here in Michigan and why should a Michigan blog be commenting on this.

  1. Any loss of Freedom in ANY State is a loss of Freedom that will erode the rights of all States.
  2. Magpul is based in Colorado and with its current wording this will force Magpul to close or move.
  3. On a positive note with Michigan’s Senate Bill 63 (Read more here). We can see how our lawmakers are actually looking to make a smart choice.

Write your representatives and make sure we support Senate Bill 63 here in Michigan so we can bring the manufacturing jobs lost by other short sighted tyrannical states. Get involved with the NRA and other gun lobby organizations to support our brothers in other states fighting for their rights. Only through consistent vigilance will we be bale to maintain our rights as American Citizens.

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