Looking to buy a flamethrower? Check out these companies. (VIDEO)

Flamethrowers haven’t been used by the military for more than 35 years now, but they’re being sold to the general public for the low price of around nine Benjamins. Of course, the bigger the flame, the bigger the price tag. And no background checks are required either because, according to the ATF, they’re not guns or explosives, so the Bureau doesn’t regulate them.

Of course, neither Throwflame or The Ion Productions Team, both of which started selling the devices earlier this year, are marketing flamethrowers as weapons.

“We always have the people who just want it for fun, impress the neighbors at the BBQ,” Throwflame founder Quinn Whitehead told CNN Money.

And as it turns out, there are a few legitimate uses for flamethrowers that have nothing to do with harming people or anything of the sort, like clearing out unwanted brush or inciting controlled burns to keep larger fires from spreading.

But regardless of the intended purpose, don’t count on purchasing a flamethrower if you live in Maryland or California, because they’re illegal in both states. In California, however, a permit for flamethrowers can be obtained if they are to be used on movie sets.


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