Lone Wolf Aluminum Couplers for Glock Magazines!

For home protection of competition, there are times when one magazine just isn’t enough. Lone Wolf is making Aluminum Couplers for Glock Magazines that are a perfect match for there Glock pistol magazine ARs.

I have had a Lone Wolf G9 since they first came out.  I have put north of 30.000 rounds through it with a 9mm and .40 cal uppers.  I have used it in NRA Tactical Police Competition and Pistol Caliber carbine matches.  I have used magazine couplers in it successfully, but I have learned the hard way that while side by side magazines put a lot of ammo in your gun fast, if the couplers are not quality, they cause problems.

The Lone Wolf Couplers are new, I have only seen the press release, but if they are anything like the other Lone Wolf Products I have used, they are first rate,

The Lone Wolf Aluminum Coupler fits Glock pattern magazines for 9mm, .40S&W and .357 Sig.

  • Perfect for AR carbines using Glock pattern magazines.
  • Machined Aluminum
  • Fits Glock pattern 9mm and .40S&W extended capacity magazines. (33rds for 9mm & 22rds for .40S&W)
  • Available in Bead Blasted or Black Anodized finishes.
  • American made

You can order your very own Lone Wolf coupler HERE

Photos courtesy of Lone Wolf.

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