Limited Time P-Mags Promotion

By 248 Shooter


P-Mags, P-Mags P-Mags!!!!!!!

Next to ammunition, no product flew off the shelves faster during the scare than P-Mags. People bought them by the caseload to ensure a guaranteed stock of the most popular polymer mag ever made.

Regardless of why you buy mags training, SHTF, fear of a ban, swimming in them like tactical Mc’Duck, or even just look like the coolest guy on The fact is you are not likely to find a deal on P-Mags this good.

Some companies offer high priced mags with extra shipping costs. Some companies will sell low priced mags with really high shipping costs. Others will sell mags with free shipping but not at standard price.

We are about to make the competition hate us. We bought a huge inventory of Gen 2 P-Mags and are offering them AT COST to our followers. Consider this an organized group buy, in an effort to gain more followers and long-term customers. In retail we call this a loss leader.

We are selling blocks of 5 P-Mags for $50 +$5 shipping. Limit 100 per shipping address. Don’t go trying to be sneaky on this, shipping it to your neighbor either!

Supplies are limited and based on the Ammo Club sales the other day we anticipate this to sell out over the weekend so get in NOW!

Via: 248 Shooter

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