Lights, Sights and Lasers Tour and LaserMax: Third year in a row

Led by Wes Doss, founder of Khyber Interactive Associates, the LSL Tour will present it’s advanced curriculum aided by LaserMax sights and illumination tools to twenty stops around the United States in 2017.

Much more than a training event, Lights, Sights and Lasers (LSL), represents a significant shift in the paradigm of how contemporary training is made available and presented. LSL is more of an initiative then a single event.

“The Annual LSL tour is a unique program that brings cost free training to law enforcement, military and trainers in the US, said Wes Doss. “This is only possible through the dedicated support of the companies that sponsor the LSL tour every year, Since the inception of the LSL tour in 2012 we have been able to reach over 8000 deserving professionals across the country and with the help of our sponsors were growing that reach to new locations and new students”

“LaserMax has been a sponsor of the LSL Tour for several years and we are thrilled to be sponsor in 2017,” said Jay Duncan, Vice President, Marketing for LaserMax.  “Wes is a tremendously talented instructor and the progressive curriculum taught is necessary for LE professionals to maintain a tactical advantage over threats.”

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