Liberty, a rant and Trek’s Trek

Editors Note: Trek a Michigan Natvie and Firearms trainer hit Texas today.


ALCON –  embrace a legit reason for outrage, get your teeth into it and hold on. Yes, there’s a Kardashian getting married. Sure, there’s now a 3-boobed woman (what’s not to like about that?). We know, Bieber is growing a mustache.

Honestly, WTAF does that matter, and why do we give a shit? Here’s something that ought to truly concern you – Erik “Trek” Utrecht, the guy behind Trek’s Trek, has been riding his bike (the one you pedal, not one with ape hangers or loud pipes) across the country now on behalf of the Brian Terry Foundation. In that time he met just one man who had even heard of Brian Terry.

One. Man.

That’s ridiculous. It’s tragic. It’s just one more sign that we’re right when we say this country is slowly stratifying into a caste system. The warrior caste – that’s most of you guys – is the smallest one. There are other people, non-warriors, who give a damn, but they’re far outnumbered by the banal masses who trundle through life in a state of permanent Windex-poisoned ignorance.

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Now -we’re going to put our money where our mouths are (though not in the same way as we do with dancing moms).

Every “Do You Even Liberty” shirt we sell in the month of September will be dedicated to Trek’s Trek.

Breach-Bang-Clear and Article 15 are going to donate all profits of any “Do You Even Liberty” shirts sold in the month of September directly to the Brian A. Terry Foundation. This has already been a record month for us, and that’s our best selling shirt. You’ve got another week to push those numbers up.

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The Do you even Liberty shirt features the father of Unites States of America – the man who widely considered to be our first home grown genuine bad ass. He’s on the front with trusty M4/M203 in hand, ready to go kill people, break things and just basically be George Washington level awesome on behalf of this great nation.

We reckon Brian Terry is the kind of man George Washington would approve of.

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Let’s get this thing done. Please don’t leave us hanging – let’s find and educate the people who would care if they only knew.

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