Lead on lead violence: Will a lead plate stop a .22? (VIDEO)

The Backyard Scientist roped the Taofledermaus crew into testing the ballistic properties of a 5/8 inch lead plate against a wide range of .22 caliber projectiles.

Perhaps the most traditional of ammunition types, the .22 rimfire round, typically with a unjacketed lead bullet, has been around for something like 150 years.

Team ‘maus took up the challenge to see if a .22 would could penetrate a 7.5-pound soft lead plate. Tested rounds include CCI Mini Mags, Stingers and, just to keep it interesting, a Crosman pellet powered by a .22 nail gun blank.

Makes sense.

Source Article from http://www.guns.com/2015/07/09/lead-on-lead-violence-will-a-lead-plate-stop-a-22-video/

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