Laser Steel Tyme Kit allows shooters to shoot steel at home

LaserLyte brings steel target shooting off the range and into the home with a new, innovative training package known as the Laser Steel Tyme kit.

The kit includes two Steel Tyme trainer targets as well as one Trigger Tyme compact laser pistol. At home trainers use the laser pistol to aim and shoot at the targets, earning flashing red LED lights and a steel “plinking” sound when a hit is registered.

The audio and visual reactions provide immediate feedback on trigger control, sight picture and shot placement.

The Steel Tyme targets boast a 50 yard range of use, utilizing three AAA batteries and a 6,000 shot life span.

The Trigger Type pistol is roughly the same size as a Glock 42/43 and provides a realistic, yet safe means to dry fire train at home. The included pistol also has the added benefit of working alongside any of LaserLyte’s laser training targets. The pistol accepts three A76 batteries with a life span of 50,000 shots.

The Laser Steel Tyme kit is available from LaserLyte with a price point of $219.

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