Lansing Gun Protest a Success

On March 20th hundreds of responsible Michigan gun owners descended on the capital to show state legislators that support for the second amendment is strong.
Many of the demonstrators open carried in and around the capital on Wednesday. Though no disorderly conduct was observed this display of constitutional rights upset some of those in the capital. Several schools that had originally planed on touring the capital canceled the field trips due to unfounded fears.

It is a fantastic to see the multiple Michigan gun based organizations working together instead of competing against each other for members. For to long the gun community has been a divided house. Through supporting each other and not letting up we the people have a unified voice that can not be ignored.

Keep an eye out here: for more information on the April 13th counter protest to the gun grabbing organization Moms Demand Action. It is imperative that through peaceful demonstrations we show those who oppose the constitution that we will not roll over.

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