Lansing Gun Buy Back Turns Into a Chance for Collectors

Michigan live reports on the recent gun buy back held in Lansing on Feb 9th. You can read the entire article here.

In short several local collectors set up shop across the street from the gun buy back Based on posts from a popular gunblog they offered:

  • $75 for long guns
  • $125 for pistols
  • $175 – $200 for rare guns

This trumped the $50-$150 offered in gift cards. Unfortunately only 19 or so guns were saved from being turned to salvage by this band of collectors. It is my hope that Oakland County or someplace in the neighboring area is to do one of these so I can pick up some quality collectables at such a price. The Novi Gun and Knife show is getting more sparse every time it comes around. It would be nice to see some great pieces at excellent prices.

What do you think of Lansing spending time on disarming the people instead of fixing our real issues?