Kriss barrel shrouds now available plus Vectors for Canada

Kriss USA now offers updated, hand-friendly and good-looking barrel shroud for the Vector Carbine that looks more than a little like the SilencerCo Osprey scaled up, and has also developed a Canada-friendly version of the CRB carbine with an extended barrel.

The new barrel shrouds are compatible with Gen I and Gen II Vector CRB rifles with 16-inch barrels and make the carbines easier and safer to handle. They’re priced at $129

The squared shape of the barrel shroud is mostly for looks although it will make it easier to shoot off barricades and other straight-edged surfaces. Kriss recommends that buyers use Loctite 263 or another high-heat fastening compound when installing the replacement barrel shroud.

The Vector carbine is chambered for .45 ACP and feeds from Glock-pattern magazines. An avant-garde design, the Vector uses a delayed-blowback bolt that’s articulated and travels downward behind the magazine. In addition to reducing the spring tension and bolt weight required for the blowback operation, it also creates a downward recoil impulse as the muzzle rises, making it a very flat-shooting rifle with low felt recoil, especially for a pistol-caliber carbine.

canadian kriss vector

Offered as a semi-automatic rifle, the CRB model comes standard with a 16-inch barrel. The Canadian version has an 18.6-inch barrel to meet the 470mm minimum barrel length requirement. Kriss has shown off 18.6-inch models based on the CRB Enhanced models with the standard black finish as well as a “Stormtrooper” black and white model, both with the updated barrel shroud.

According to Kriss the Canadian carbines are in distributor hands and should be available for sale soon. Prices have not been announced but they’re likely to be on-par with U.S. pricing which is under $2,000.

For technical specifications head over to the Kriss website.

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