The Kaw Valley Linear Comp – Reviewed

About the same time I was reviewing the Hardened Arms LMC I found myself looking for a muzzle device for my Kel Tec Sub 2000 Gen 2 rifle. The little 9mm carbine comes with a threaded barrel, so I couldn’t leave it bare. The Kel Tec itself doesn’t have a lot of recoil or muzzle rise, but if I can trim one of the two I’m usually happy. Muzzle rise seems worse than recoil so I figured I’d tackle that. So I figured a compensator would be the route to take. I was liking the Hardened Arms LMC so I went searching for a 9mm linear muzzle compensator. What I found was the Kaw Valley Linear Comp.

Benefits of a Linear Comp

If you didn’t read my Hardened Arms LMC review a linear compensator is a bit different than a standard compensator. They do deliver a little less muzzle rise prevention than a regular comp, but they do reduce muzzle rise overall. They are larger, and have a round, and often cone shaped design. Their biggest contribution to your gun is comfort based. They push concussion, noise, and flash forward of the shooter.

The Kaw Valley Linear comp

The Kaw Valley Linear Comp does this very well. It directs muzzle blast well away from the shooter back downrange. While I wouldn’t advise it , shooting 147-grain subsonic loads through the 16-inch barrel with the Kaw Valley Linear comp is almost hearing safe. With hearing protection, it sounded like I was shooting a 22 LR rifle. It’s important to note this device doesn’t reduce sound, it simply directs it away from the shooter.

A significant chunk of muzzle rise is dissipated. The linear comp weighs 2.9 ounces so that little extra weight on muzzle certainly helps keep the muzzle down. It’s very well made and is QPQ finished. The finish on one of these devices is important since it’s getting hit with a ton of muzzle blast. The device is melonite heat treated for extra durability and corrosion resistance.

Attaching the Kaw Valley Linear comp to my Kel Tec Sub 2000 is pretty simple. Just thread it on and call it a day, no crush washer or indexing needed. YMMV with an AR, or a CZ Scorpion. Kaw Valley makes 9mm Linear comps for both as well as 5.56. 45 ACP, 40 S&W and of course 10mm.

Hot Range

I’ve put about 300 rounds downrange and through the Kaw Valley Linear comp and it’s performed like a champ. It certainly succeeds in reducing muzzle rise and redirecting blast and noise downrange. It’s also tough as nails and has flaked, scratch, or corroded in any way. It also hasn’t loosened after being threaded on the Kel Tec. It does add some length to the gun, but not enough to concern me.

I don’t shoot indoors much do to a backyard range but on occasion when the weather is foul, or it’s too hot, or the mosquitoes are out I like going to an indoor range. That’s one of the benefits of owning a PCC is they are can be fired at any indoor range. The Kaw Valley Linear Comp is perfect for indoor range shooting. It pushes the noise and concussion away from me and makes it more comfortable for both me and my shooting lane neighbors.

I’d also imagine the Kaw Valley Linear comp would be great for a home defense gun, especially if you can’t or don’t want a suppressor. It is still going to damage your ears, but if you can reduce the effects a bit why not? It’ll also reduce the flash you see from behind the gun, and preserve some of that night vision.

The Kaw Valley Linear Comp is a great addition to my Kel Tec, and would likely be a great addition to any rifle, or pcc. You get one for 55 bucks here.

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