K Rounds Reversible IWB or OWB In N Out Review

K ROUNDS is a newer company, but like other newer companies in the gun community the people behind it are far from newbies. K ROUNDS is home to individuals with a long history in the tactical industry, some of whom served in the armed forces. The production staff offers decades of raw experience. This company is comprised of a seasoned management and production team, and they know how to make quality products at affordable prices.

Formed just over a year ago, K ROUNDS has an interesting mission. To make American made holsters at an affordable price that can hold up to rugged, daily use, at home and abroad. Now you may be thinking, “Why is this interesting mission? Doesn’t the rest of the holster industry offer the same?” No, sadly they don’t, and here is why:

In the Kydex market there are a few types of companies. The American made outfits that offer holsters made in small workshops or garages, and the large corporate conglomerate companies pushing out thousands of holsters in a day. Hats off to the little guys. These guys are great examples of American ingenuity and capitalism, and they build custom work better than most. However, they often have large lag times and while the work is often great, it is subject to inconsistencies. Be mindful of the larger shops that focus on using an easily reproducible product. Although they offer great speed, they generally focus on marketing and cost savings over quality. Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch this is a generalization, and yes, there are exceptions.

I have found that K ROUNDS is neither of these companies. They are what I would call “the biggest little guys” you will ever meet. Much like Napoleon or Chuck Norris, they cannot be judged by their age or size. They offer American made raw materials of the highest quality; with experienced craftsmen hand producing the holsters the old fashioned way. Each holster is created by using an exact mold of the weapon produced, and they do not use blue guns. The company keeps a well-stocked safe, full of actual weapons and lights needed to create the mold. This assures the highest degree of accuracy and best fitting press possible.  If you happen to have a weapon that they don’t have on hand, the solution is simple. Just ship the weapon or swing it by the shop, and in a short amount of time, you will have your custom holster. They do all of this in such a large volume and on industrial equipment, which insures that they have a short lead time and low cost compared to the mom and pop competition. Don’t think for a minute that they aren’t burning the midnight oil. Often times, the production crew is on sight until well into the wee hours of the morning. Much like smaller companies, they also can allow for customization. I have seen holsters adjusted for RMR’s as well as popular weapon lights. If you have a light, cuffs, a multi-tool, or a unique weapon system, they can holster it, and you won’t have to wait for an eternity or break the bank.

Take a look at this custom bad boy they just did:

custom 6 O'clock double gun holster from K Rounds
Custom 6 O’clock double gun holster from K Rounds

IWB or OWB Holster

Those of you who follow my articles know I am an EDC concealed carry guy. However, due to running this page, I am always trying on pants, belts, and holsters to offer you the opportunity to learn about the products before you buy them. This means that not only do I have a good idea of what feels right and what doesn’t, but also that I have tried just about every carry position there is. Experience is the best teacher.

Testing usually takes 30 days minimum with a new holster. This means that I end up with either an IWB or OWB holster for a full 30 days, and have to dress accordingly. Personally, I prefer an IWB holster. However, with some pants or belts, not to mention what I have planned for the day, OWB comes in very handy. K ROUNDS is the second company to talk to us about an IWB, OWB holster package (we have not received the other yet but that one is going to make the leather fans drool).

I am often hesitant to try on a universal or hybrid solution. Often these result in a product that does not meet the advantages of either specialty product. However, there are many users that due to limited budget, space, or application who may find these holsters to be a great solution. Read below and see for yourself how the K ROUNDS  In N Out holster did in our tests.


  • Slim .093 design
  • Body contouring comfort
  • Outside radius for minimal printing
  • Two Removable OWB Belt loops evenly spaced both vertically and horizontally to maximize weight displacement.
  • Two removable IWB Tuckable Belt Cradles to allow the pistol to be worn inside the waistband with shirt tucked in or out.
  • Strategic cutaways for maximizing the (full combat grip)
  • Molded friction fit security.
  • Adjustable tension.
  • Full length sweat guard to separate the pistol slide and rear sight from the operator’s skin.
  • IDPA Legal


Experience with the IWB Holster

Ordering was simple and fast. The website worked well and was easy to use. The product arrived in a remarkably short period of time. Far faster than any other holster I have previously purchased.  Average turnaround is 7-10 days plus shipping, but mine came in at 5 days, so they are padding those numbers a bit for proper customer service.

The system came configured for OWB, with all the required hardware to convert it to IWB. When I say “all the hardware”, I mean a completely separate set off screws and washers, so I did not need to re-use any parts. This allows me to put the clips on another gun with similar spacing, and also provides me a handy back up set should anything happen along the course of time.

As IWB is my preferred method of carry, the OWB hardware was swapped out right away. This process took about 5 minutes. K ROUNDS uses an IWB attachment like nothing I have seen before. It goes up out of the pants, bends down behind the belt, and then turns back up and comes to the front of the belt. This S shape clip allows for a solid grip under the belt to eliminate risk of the holster coming out on a draw and also allows for tension between the belt and pants. This feature allows a shirt to be worn tucked in. The clip is wider than most I have seen from other companies, and really makes for a good hold on the belt. It worked well on my Tuff ProductsSOE and Galco Leather belts.

Some of the extras that really made this more comfortable for me include the full sweat guard. As you may have seen on my G19/26L project gun by IGFS there is defensive cut serrations that will chew up either my shirt or stomach, depending on how I wear it. With the full sweat guard, those cuts are kept away from my body, and the Kydex is far more comfortable against the skin. This also reduces sweat and skin rubbing against the gun ruining the finish.

The low cut away allows for a very easy grip of the gun, even when grabbing the G26 without the pinky extension. Proper index is easy to achieve even when pulling from a 5 o’clock stance.

The adjustable tension screw was a bit of a shock to me. I have seen things like this on the leather/kydex hybrid holsters but have not seen it on all kydex holsters. Typically if you don’t like the tension on a kydex holster, you have to get out the heat gun and either lighten up the mold, push your thumb into the trigger guard to secure it more, or press the holster around key parts to make it tighter. It is a great way to ruin a holster if you’re not sure about what you are doing.  K ROUNDS adds the tension screw just forward of the trigger guard. Here you can fine tune the tension to be exactly what you want, and not what someone else has decided for you. Note: I didn’t need to change my retention at all, the team at K ROUNDS must already know what I want.


Experience with the OWB Holster

OWB is more comfortable and easier to draw from then IWB traditionally, and with the K ROUNDS holster, we found that to remain true. The OWB holster is a bit harder to conceal, but with the awful weather we have been having in MI, wearing a jacket or large sweater made concealment a non-issue.

What became an issue were the loops. The loops that come with this holster for OWB are very tight and heavily angled. This is fantastic when you’re looking to keep an OWB rig tight against your body to reduce printing.  In fact, when used on my Galco leather belt, this is one of the most concealable OWB holsters I have ever tried. Unfortunately, the Galco belt was the only gun belt I have that would fit through the belt loops easily. The Tuff Products buckle and the belt itself were too thick.  (We bought the right width, but it had too much material from back to front).  The very stiff SOE belt I had was incredibly difficult to get into the buckles, but after some persuasion it worked. I had an extra set of OWB buckles swapped those around,  the result was I could get all my belts to fit but it did not ride as close to the body. You will notice that this holster is going to fit larger belts and ride a bit away from the body, or ride tight but only work on thinner more bendable belts. I think they made the right choice targeting thinner belt users as that is the vast majority of gun owners.

One of the huge advantages of the holster is that it is approved for IDPA. You can use it IWB for your EDC, then go OWB for an IDPA match and be 100% trained with the system. Muscle memory is crucial, and it develops quickly with this rig.



In short, I am a huge fan of K ROUNDS as a company. They offered great support and when I called about doing a review, and they provided me with answers to all my questions quickly. The material they use is top quality, and I see no issues with either the raw materials or the completed product. While I love the idea of an IWB/OWB holster like the .40 I’m not 100% sold on the hybrid. Any dissatisfaction is because of the thick style of belts I wear, so your mileage will likely vary.

If I only wore leather gun belts, or I really wanted to switch between IWB and OWB, especially if I were to compete in IDPA, then I would get the In N Out holster for sure.

If you want an OWB only holster, then get the Competition Kydex Belt for only 64.99.  It is a great deal and offers all the benefits of this product without the extra cost.

If you want an IWB holster K ROUNDS makes a slimmer, very well contoured option. The Traditional IWB Kydex Holster is only $54.99 and is likely a better choice, and you save some money by not needing the extra hardware.

If you are carrying a full sized weapon and want the best weight distribution for IWB then I would get the IWB/OWB In N Out holster we reviewed here. It is also good for people who want a more spread out holster with wider gaps between the belt loops.

If you want an OWB holster that holds very close to your body, this is a good option as well. If you are in IDPA and want to train with holster similar to what you wear each day, get this system.  If you like a low cut holster that allows for one of the best grips during draw then I also highly recommend it.

If you have no need for an IWB holster, they have made an OWB holster (pancake style) that is equally as comfortable and simplistic. This style is 64.99, and offers that great fit that I talked about earlier. It’s worth a look!

In short, K ROUNDS makes IWB and OWB holsters that perform better individually. For a hybrid, this is a really great holster and well worth the money.