Just the Tip – Make Sure the Parachute is in the Bag


Do you have an EDC or going-on-duty checklist?

We all know people crazy enough to take up hobbies such as SCUBA cave diving, skydiving, wing suit flying, and of course that one guy who loves bear wrestling.

While most are quick to dismiss these individuals as adrenaline junkies, thrillseekers or just plain off their rocker, it’s important to note the extraordinarily in-depth preparations these individuals make before taking a daunting or extreme challenge. Consider the step-by-step processes used to ensure parachutes are packed properly and reserve chutes easily accessible. Think about the procedures to ensure a proper gas mixture in the air tanks and that regulators are operational before ever dipping so much as a toe in the water — much less before descending into the subterranean depths.

These checks are hammered into new hobbyists who take up such callings, and rightly so. They are there because at some point in the past, people perished from a lack of preparation. Many of these deaths were a result of simple equipment failures that would have been prevented — or preempted — by an inspection and/or inventory of their life support gear.

Those who carry firearms should take a lesson from this. We should maintain the same level of discipline as those who engage in extreme sports. That Uber Blaster Omega-Shootin’ 3000  we spent two months’ pay on does us no good if we leave it in a condition that prevents it from saving our life.

It’s imperative that we, the responsible armed citizens, create an inspection and inventory procedure for our own life support tools. Call it PPC, PRICE, PMCS, Mise en place, whatever you want — you need an inventory/inspection process or procedure in place.

Before ever leaving the house, we must ask ourselves if we are properly outfitted. Not just for the routine, but for whatever might rear its head.

Have we checked the hardware on our holsters recently? The human body’s bobbing, weaving, flexing, sitting, and standing has a tendency to work hardware lose, and that could be the difference between our firearm being on our hip or skidding across the ground when we need it.

Do we have all of the documentation we need to get us through our day? Not just a CPL/CCW/CHL, but also our drivers license, credit cards, cash, and any other documents necessary to get through life as we know it.

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When was the last time we checked the batteries in our daily carry flashlight? Murphy loves to turn the lights out on us just when we need them.

We know ammunition is expensive, but when was the last time we rotated out those small copper and lead concoctions designed to save our lives when evil shows its face, or inspected the magazines that carry them?

If we carry a weapon for our defense or defense of loved ones, it’s important that every aspect of the operating system gets a once-over to ensure it’s in the best condition possible. Just like a SCUBA diver who might have had a nostalgic connection to a 50-year-old dive knife but reluctantly set it aside, if a piece of kit proves unfit for duty we should replace it, and possibly put it on a shelf for display.

As grown adults who happen to carry firearms, take a few minutes to look over the things you take with you every day, even if it’s been the longest time since you’ve ever used it — if ever. The time to find out there’s no parachute in the bag is not after you’ve jumped through the door. Establish an inventory or inspection checklist, and stick to it.

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