Just the Tip: Fighting the Wind


Today’s quick tip isn’t about reading wind, Kentucky windage, or any number of off-color comments about flatulence–but about keeping your gun concealed. Heavy winds can whip around your shirt or other cover garment and expose that otherwise hidden handgun. When Marilyn Monroe got her dress blown up, it was (and still is) sexy. When it happens to a shirt you’re wearing, well…. let’s just say none of us are Marilyn. And it also looks weird for someone to be grabbing at their shirt trying to keep it from unmasking a musket.

What we’re going to show today works especially well if you carry Appendix with a button-up but can be adapted to other carry methodologies and covering garments. There are two easy ways to do it, and all it takes is $2 and 2 minutes (or $4 if you want to get fancy).

Head over to your local ChinaMart or similar and pick up one of these two things:
These sinkers were $2, magnets were $4

The idea is to weigh down the front of your shirt so it doesn’t flap around in high winds. If you choose the sinkers, cut a small portion of the thread on your front seam, and simply put some inside the shirt. There are specialized devices called seam rippers that you can use, but any sufficiently sharp knife will do in this instance. Do your best not to cut through the fabric itself.

If you want a less-destructive and even easier method, simply put a magnet on either side of the shirt corner. If additional weight is desired, just stick another one on there.

Of course, you can also cut the seam and insert a magnet for a combination of methods, though quite often the shirt will just cover it.

Magnets stick to ferrous metal (duh), a fact which you may find as a help or hindrance depending how you carry and the clothing you wear. With shorter shirts, it’s sometimes beneficial to just stick the magnet hidden in the seam on the side of your pistol slide or your pants zipper. Though these are strong magnets, they’re not going to impede your draw stroke.

Do some experiments and see if you like it.

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