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We thought we’d take a minute to talk to you about JTF Awesome Team Member Gemtech

Only in America can dreams made in a garage machine shop transform into something far larger than imagined. And the tale of Gemtech is no different. No fly-by-night company, Gemtech has manufactured muzzle mufflers for high speed military men, covert government agencies, and American recreational shooters for literally decades. They’ve regularly released new and better designs–and more are coming down the pipe. We got a little peak behind the curtain, and needless to say we’re excited.

Most of our minions really dig shooting suppressed, but who doesn’t? Sure, every once in a while going all loud-and-proud with a short-barreled machinegun is awesome, but most of the time doing it without all the flash and awe is even better. Gemtech is a natural fit among the rest of our badass JTF Awesome Team Members.

Says Ron Martinez, CEO of Gemtech:

We’re very excited to be a part of Breach Bang Clear. It’s important for Gemtech, the Professional’s choice for decades, to make sure we only advertise with the very best.

Of course with the shear breadth and depth of the company, Gemtech has a can for everyone. Quick detach? Yup. Direct thread? Indeed. A2 muzzle device compatibility? Sure thing. Modular options? You bet. Rifle calibers ranging the whole spectrum, including an incredibly lightweight option specifically tailored for hunting? Of course.


They have pistol options, as you no doubt already knew. Silence your old, shitty, cheap Nagant revolver (actually, we just wanted a reason to share this photo) to the most modern configurations.

Alexander Crown of Gemtech highlighted one of their custom integrally suppressed OSS High Standards right here on BBC. Very shortly you’ll be seeing a unique creation from their mad scientist skunkworks. Stay tuned, because you don’t want to miss it.

Until then, you can visit them online here, give their Instagram page a gander here., or simply read more about the background of Gemtech right here on Breach Bang Clear.

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