iTarget First Look – An App for Dry Fire

The iTarget Pro system is the third laser target system I’ve had the joy of testing in the last few months. I’m glad to see the rise of better systems for at home, ammo free training. The iTarget Pro system has the distinction of being the most affordable laser training system on the market. The folks at iTarget were nice enough to send me a test and review model and were willing to listen to my grip, moans, and complaints, as well as a compliment or two.

Sighting in on the iTarget

The iTarget system is a dry fire training system that utilizes three different components. The sled and main target are the first. The second is a dry fire laser cartridge, and the third is your Android and Apple smartphone. The sled has a standard bull’s eye target that mounts in coordination with your smartphone. An expandable slot in the sled will fit almost any cell phone. The sled can be separated in two for larger targets and to allow the phone’s camera get a better view on the target.

My Phone’s display

You download an app to the phone, point the phone at the target and activate the app. With the Laser cartridge in your gun, you aim and fire at the physical target. The iTarget app records and scores your shots. The display on the system shows where you ‘hit’ and gives an audible gunshot to let you know you hit the target. The hits are saved on the display to allow you to see your ‘grouping.’

The Laser Bullet

The iTarget system uses a simple laser cartridge placed in your gun. The system is also compatible with a SIRT pistol. The price of the system with the laser cartridge is actually pretty impressive. For the laser cartridge, the sled and target you are paying only 89 bucks. The laser cartridges comes in 9mm, 380, 38 Special, 45 ACP, 223, and 40 S&W. The laser cartridge itself is well worth the cost for simply having an interactive means of dry fire practice. The target and sled are a real-time method to record your shot groups. This little cartridge allows you to practice trigger control and sight alignment.

The iTarget Kit


The full kit at 89 dollars is an absolute steal. In the coming weeks, I hope to get some more quality dry fire practice in with this kit. I also plan to run a concealed carry class through this system. This system has real promise and its price makes it attractive to civilian concealed carriers. I plan to have a full review soon, so stay tuned. Check out iTarget here.

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