ISIS look for oil plant manager – salary $225,000

An Islamic State advertised that they are looking for skilled oil plant manager to work on their oil fields. ISIS is on the lookout for a skilled professional to manage its failing oil refineries and has been using black-market agents to advertise the $225,000-a-year post.

The terror group is said to have captured at least 11 oil fields in Iraq and Syria during its offensive campaign and was thought to be making around £2million-a-day from sales in June.

But a string of fatal accidents and a lack of ideological commitment from trained engineers has seen its profits slump by more than two thirds.

Up to now jihadists have run their newly-acquired business through intimidation – threatening to kill employees’ families if they fail to comply.

But their murderous approach to those not loyal to the ISIS cause has seen them hemorrhage trained engineers, The Times reports.

The refineries manager position is the most senior of several vacancies that the terror group is hoping to fill. But, still it’s unlikely they will succeed to find someone.

Oil workers in Iraq say black market agents have been spreading the word through jihadist networks – casting their net as far afield as north Africa.

Robin Mills, at Manaar Energy, a consultancy firm in Dubai, has confirmed the reports but believes ISIS will struggle to attract the best staff with the pay packet they are offering.

He said: ‘The money is good, but it’s not that good. A western oil exec posted to Iraq right now, let alone working for ISIS, would expect to earn a lot more than that.

And officials at Iraq’s North Oil Company, which has lost one field to ISIS, said: ‘With each round of fighting, more staff drift away. Initially they coerced staff, threatening to kill their families. Now they’re offering the carrot instead.’

It is believed the militant group has also struggled to attract large buyers for its product.

Matthew M. Reed, a Washington-based consultant who analyzes oil and politics in the Middle East, told CBC News last month: ‘No big traders, no serious companies are going to fool around with that oil.

‘That oil is essentially radioactive at this point. No one wants to touch it.’

What that means is that the vast majority of the group’s oil sales is going to so-called ‘middlemen’.

These are people who own their own tanker trucks and who have connections to established smuggling networks in northern Syria and southern Turkey, or to local refineries in places like Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan and Turkey.

Remains to be seen, will the Jihadists from Islamic State succeed to find a oil plant manager crazy enough to substitute life in the West for this hell of Islamic State.

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