Is it 2015 or 2012 Politics All Over Again?

It’s starting to feel more and more like the end of 2012 as of late. An easily publicized event has grabbed hold of the nation’s fears and attention. Politicians who have wanted nothing more than to limit the rights of the second amendment, and in truth all of the rights protected by our founding fathers, see the opportunity to feast on the carnage.

Federal to state-level politicians are clambering for nation gun control must be enacted for the “greater good”. Pro-gun legislation that is in motion at a state level gets pushed back, stalled or avoided due to fears of the political climate. Does this all sound familiar?

Let him know what you think of selling out gun owners: (517) 373-8360
Senator Steve Bieda via Wikipedia. Let him know what you think of selling out gun owners: (517) 373-8360

Michigan state Senator Steve Bieda has already been quoted on his efforts to “change” state laws. From, we see the following

Closing the so-called gun show loophole and making it harder for people with mental illnesses to obtain firearms are “common sense” policies the state should consider, according to Bieda. “I always hear the NRA say ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people.’ They’re right. Let’s do background checks on those people,” he said.

I ask you, what kind of Michigan Senator does not even know the gun laws in the state he represents that laws he is trying to change. What is this “Gun Show” loophole that he references? Is it akin to all those dangerous guns that politicians belive we can order direct via the internet? A thing we all know to be false. All sellers who are an FFL at the gun shows fill out proper federal and state forms including a background check for those without Pistol Permits. Even non-FFL dealers require a CPL or a completed pistol purchase form that are bi-products of a background check.

Senator Patrick Colbeck who should be thanked for his support: (517) 373-7350
Senator Patrick Colbeck who should be thanked for his support: (517) 373-7350

Luckily we have some local representatives that understand this, Sen. Patrick Colbeck of Canton for example whose recent comments on the floor challenged his colleagues to “outline a single law that could have prevented this most recent tragedy”.

Too bad our representatives don’t turn to activists like Rick Ector of Legally Armed in Detroit who said this to us:

“Mental health needs to be given greater attention to protect the public. However, a mental background check would also fail miserably to prevent mass shootings or other tragedies. If bad guys or mentally troubled persons currently get guns despite not submitting to background checks, I suspect that they will bypass mental health checks to get guns too. The additional calls for more gun control will not change anything except make more potential victims.”

So now we sit in a position not far different than where we were before Sandy Hook. Pro and anti-gun school legislation are in the state Congress. In the House Democrat Rep. Andy Schor is pushing for true pistol free school zones.

Rep. Andy Schor has no number listed cause he works for Bloomberg not you.
Rep. Andy Schor has no number listed cause he works for Bloomberg not you.

Tom Lambert of MOC shares his opinon on these tactics of anti-gun politicians like Rep Schor.

The snake oil salesmen are at it again, peddling solutions that are more likely to harm us while having nothing to do with our ailments. These opportunists of violence have again proven they have no answers, have no place in the conversation, and deserve nothing more than humiliation and shame for distracting from real solutions.

In the Senate a Republican bill from Sen. Mike Green is pushing for the removal of open carry while adding concealed carry as an option for CPL holders. These efforts do not include the now all but torpedoed constitutional carry bills introduced that look to have no steam.

Sen. Green’s bill, as commented on here before, is hitting roadblocks on both sides of the argument. MGO and MOC are against the bill claiming that we don’t need a true swap of concealed carry for open carry, and even if that would be acceptable, this bill isn’t that. MCRGO, who has been backing the bill, feels it is the right step forward in our current political climate based on the comments and posts on their Facebook page.

When asked for a comment Brady Schickinger Executive Director for MCRGO had this to say:

MCRGO has been in this position many times before, between gun control advocates on one side and the no compromise crowd on the other. We saw it most recently on the new law to eliminate county gun boards. MCRGO’s position as a pragmatic political organization goes back to its origins, when its founders were frustrated by a decade’s long lack of success on shall-issue concealed carry. These are difficult battles. But MCRGO has a history of prevailing against extremists on both sides and will do so again with pistol free zones. Our focus will remain on more people carrying legally in more places in order to deter & stop armed criminals.

Senator Mike Green is pushing for pro-gun legislation that many claim does not go far enough. (517) 373-1777
Senator Mike Green is pushing for pro-gun legislation that many claim does not go far enough. (517) 373-1777

With internal support on this bill divided it also faces the typical pressure from anti-gunners whose unfounded fear in lawful gun owners has been reaching a feverous state. On look at the Veto of SB59 in Dec of 2012 by Gov Rick Snyder, which this bill somewhat echo’s, and you can see what goes around comes around.

This wave of renewed ferver is part of what cuased David Dellinger of MGO to state:

The legislators need to understand gun laws as they are presently written before proposing any changes. They throw out “the open carry loophole” or “the gun show loophole” when none exist. We have always been told by the politicians that we will get that back later, and later never happens. I personally am done with the trade game. We need to end cPFZ’s and move toward constitutional carry, that is a major focus of Michigan Gun Owners.

The fact is again through no action we took, through no crimes brought on by responsible gun owners our rights are being played out on the federal and state level by politicians protected by armed security who feel your rights, your children’s security and your country’s beliefs are not yours to decide because they know better.

Hillary Clinton, who will do just about anything to shake off Benghazi and her illegal email activity, is pounding the podium about how we need to get guns from those who should not own them. Those who should not own them in her mind, is a much broader definition than that which we currently use. She has also indicated that she would put the “assault weapons ban” back in place, make standard capacity (she calls them high capacity) magazines illegal, remove protection from firearms manufacturers for crimes committed with guns and more.

Worse than that as Hillary struggles in the polls, rumors among my media and marketing connections point to a new Democrat candidate. One whose step into the ring would virtually guarantee draconian gun legislation should he be elected.

Here’s the good news though. These struggles are not new, and in the last several years gun owners have fought back and gained marginal wins where many expected us to fail. Whereas the Brady campaign and Everytown have been repeatedly beaten down in their attempts. The NRA has grown stronger, and the demographic view of the middle-class white Christian male gun owner is going by the wayside. Women shooters and every race and age have increased in law abiding gun ownership in the last few years. This shift means more people fighting with us instead of against us.

That’s not enough, though. We need to keep pushing. Call you local Senators and tell them you want to see the removal of PFZ’s for all CPL holders not just certain subgroups. Donate to the local organization that best summarizes your beliefs such as:

Michigan Open Carry

Michigan Gun Owners

Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners

As well as working on a national level with the NRA, NAGR, and Gun Owners of America.

Don’t forget also to bookmark us, Like us on Facebook and Twitter so you stay up to date on what is happening here in your home state. Share our name with your friends so we can show these politicians that we are united, and we do stand strong. Carry every day and educate those who will listen about the importance of gun ownership and proper storage. In the end, each of you is the face of responsible gun ownership.

Our strength is in unity and numbers as well as our conviction in doing what is right and protecting that which is most important.

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