Introducing the Grey Ghost Accomodator

Grey Ghost isn’t ones to sit on its spectral laurels. The company recently came up with a hilariously named new pouch called the Accommodator. It’s not up for sale just yet, but have a look at some pictures and the advance info we received on it.


The tail of the adjustment cord can be tucked in between the Malice clips in the back so that you can still use it but it’s out of the way.

The Accommodator.  Yes, we named it that because it will fit, or ‘accommodate’, anything you want to put in it….as long as those things are 5.56 to 7.62 mags – don’t get any other ideas.  And no, do not just google that name and scroll through your images during the work hours…or do it, we don’t actually care. Just don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.  But back to the pouch.


The new Malice clips are lighter, easier to weave through and far superior to the old versions.

The Accommodator pouch came about to fulfill a need for the ladies and gents who were getting tired of ‘universal pouches’ not actually being universal.  Now you can have one pouch that will take it all in. The basic single mag design is similar to several other mag pouches, with an elastic retention strap to hold the mag in when not being used to deliver rounds of freedom to whomever needs it the most. The pouch itself is big enough to hold your wide 7.62 mags snugly, but still loose enough for a quick pullout. Standard stuff, BUT here is where this pouch gets cool.  When switching to a 5.56 mag set up, you just pull on the lower bungee to shrink up the pouch to get just as snug of a fit for your small mag.  Everyone’s happy! Any mag size between those two sizes, including SCAR and AK mags, will fit as well since this pouch is completely adjustable. Less hassle, more shooting. This pouch comes in most of your standard colors and is offered as a panel version for those who need more than one. As is standard with all other Grey Ghost pouches, these pouches come with Malice clips that attach to any MOLLE webbing system. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

Keep your eyes peeled here or on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or their YouTube channel for release information.

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