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We showed the teaser clip a while back on what goes on at PROOF Research.  The final clip is out where they show just what goes on inside PROOF; from their word class barrels from the mindset to the manufacturing techniques.  PROOF is known for their carbon fiber barrels but their steel barrels aren’t a slouch either.  PROOF has mastered the hard use carbon barrel giving you a lighter, longer lasting barrel that if your doing your part will give you superior results.  Check out the well produced video below.

As PROOF Research puts it

At PROOF Research™ we’re redefining the future of firearms by employing next-generation materials and novel manufacturing processes to create state-of-the-art carbon fiber barrels that are changing the industry standard for accuracy, durability and barrel longevity. Our patented manufacturing process utilizes aircraft-grade carbon fiber in conjunction with high-temperature aerospace resins to produce a truly game-changing product.

And because SCIENCE!

The aerospace-grade carbon fiber we use has a specific strength up to 30 times that of stainless steel and a specific stiffness up to 7 times greater than steel. But strength and stiffness are only part of the equation. Heat conductivity and thermal expansion are also of paramount importance when developing a match-grade carbon fiber barrel. Our helical wrapping pattern favors the longitudinal thermal diffusivity of the carbon fibers (along the length of the barrel) allowing them to more efficiently dissipate heat emanating from the barrel rather than insulating it.

Because our barrels are engineered for thermal performance, they also move heat very effectively through the wall (thickness) of the barrel, greatly increasing heat transport and resulting in barrels that cool faster and maintain accuracy over longer sessions of fire.

The end result is an aerospace-grade, high-fiber content composite barrel that is stronger, lighter, as accurate as the finest precision steel barrel, and maintains its accuracy in the most demanding environments.

It’s carbon fiber perfected.

One of our minions has a job that involves doing composites on aircraft, and what PROOF does to perfect that process is quite impressive. Carbon fiber is also miserable on tooling and quite bad for your health to machine without expensive safety gear. It will be interesting to see where PROOF takes the rifle game in the next ten years.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Proof Research head over here, or check out their Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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