In depth with the classic Lee Enfield .303 (VIDEO)

Hickok45 reaches into his collection and pulls out a 98-year old Mk III* Short Magazine Lee Enfield in .303 British that still runs like its brand new.

The SMLE was the British Empire’s go-to bolt gun, cutting its teeth after the Boer Wars and living on through both World Wars and the Korean conflict, only being replaced with a semi-auto version of the FN FAL in the early 1960s.

The Enfield’s 10 round magazine led to a standard musketry drill in the British Army known as the “Mad Minute” which required the (average) rifleman to deliver 15 shots on a 18 inch target 300 yards away, which is pretty rough stuff. With that being said, some sergeant instructors were able to go 36-38 hits in their Mad Minute, which takes a good bit of practice.

And Hick looks like he could hang.

That brass butt plate though…

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