HSP G-Code Incog Holster Review

After the HSP Disruptive Carbine Course I had taken a few months back, I started to rethink my holster choice. All of the instructors had been sporting the Incog during the class, but considered they work with Travis, well that is to be expected.   Then I noticed that as people transitioned out of their battle gear into their EDC items to leave the class, many of them tucked an Incog in their waistband.

My curiosity was peaked, and I went to one of my writers who had been trying to convince me to buy one for some time. Huck, who you can hear and see on our Ar500 Armor Shoot video, would not stop talking about it. “Oh man you got to try this it’s the best holster ever,” “Man I wear a G17 in my belt all day, and nobody knows”, and on and on and on, you get the picture.

My last straw was when our female reviewer, the lovely and talented Heidi, started in on why I didn’t have an Incog review after I had reviewed so many other holsters. Of course, she was wearing one and had different holsters in different colors cause she is just that cool.

It was time for me as an editor to start drinking the other writer’s Kool-Aid. How can I very well trust you to read my reviews and that of my staff, if I can’t trust the recommendation of the team writing them?

So I ordered one. Kryptek Mandrake on green cause they did not offer Typhon, and I’m a sucker for Kryptek. The next week they offered a limited run in Typhon, and I nearly lost my mind. Then G-Code opened up a limited edition run of blood stripe and I got pissed, red and black are my colors with proceeds going to raise money for the MARSOC Foundation. I must have some of the worst luck in the world when it comes to buying things.

So 8 weeks later, yes 8 weeks later and that was after begging Travis (who was kind enough to spend 2 days and 2 nights with me) to put me in the front of the line (which he wouldn’t, kudos to you brother for not playing favorites).

Opening the box, I found a truly remarkable crafted holster. While it did not have the same beauty that Savoy Leather offers in the custom leather arena, the simplicity, clean lines and finish made it functional work of art.

Triple-Feed Patches

The name comes from the word Incognito meaning: The condition of having a disguised or concealed identity.

Taking from this name the Incog is designed by Travis Haley and the Team at G-Code to meet a government agency requirement of a low profile holster. That is easy and fast to put on as well as offering superior concealment.

You will be hard pressed to find a holster that conceals a large gun, as well as the Incog.

The holster is designed to be worn in a wide range of positions from appendix to 5 o’clock. The elongated clips can be adjusted up and down to create an optimum straight-line draw regardless of where the holster is placed on the body.

Unlike many tactical holsters on the market, the Incog is injection molded, instead of being made out of pressed Kydex. The edges of the injection molded Incog are superior to almost all cut and sanded Kydex holsters. It is also thicker and more rigid than a Kydex holster.

The injected molded material is wrapped in a felt like material. While many people are not sure about felt, it offers advantages over leather and for those of us with sensitive skin it makes wearing the Incog much more comfortable than typical hard shell holsters.

They Kryptek version I received is not as soft as the felt on most models. It is a bit more like a heavy duty cloth than a soft felt. However, since it is a material overlay it lasts far longer than the printed designs on many holsters that can rub off as quickly as a few weeks.

HSP Angled Belt Clips

The belt clips designed in partnership with Travis Haley are at a 30 Degree angle. This clip creates additional backpressure against the body allowing for closer to the body carry with less printing. You know to be incognito.

The clips come in 3 or 4 hole variations allowing for a wide adjustment in the depth of carry for each user. Part of why I find this holster more comfortable during appendix carry is the ability to have it ride very low in my pants.

There is also a finger tab on the underside of the belt clip. This tab allows for positive retention while giving you the ability to easily disengage the holster from your belt. I found this very convenient when transitioning to the underwear hammock traditionally employed in the bathroom.

Shirt Guard

The shirt guard was one of the reasons the Incog had been on my radar initially. Due to the work done on my Glock by IGFS the rear serration on the pistol creates extra wear on my clothes or my skin. I try to only purchase holsters with a full shirt guard; the entire rear of the slide against my body is protected. This results in no holes in my undershirts and fewer marks on my stomach.

Mag Caddy

Configured as either a stand-alone holster or with the optional upgraded mag caddy the kit is configured to your needs of concealment and preparedness. Due to the way I carry and what I carry we tested only the stand-alone holster without the caddy.

I will off body carry magazine or carry one in my Snag Mag.

Large Sight Channel

If you are running larger sights such as with a suppressor, this holster is designed to accommodate that.

Open Bottom

An open bottom design allows for users to run larger guns than they buy the holster for. For example, I run a G19 in mine but the Incog would support a G17 without issue.

This also allows for support of threaded or extended barrels. The design is a compliment to the large sight channel mentioned earlier to accommodate suppressors.

This holster performed along the lines of the best Kydex holsters I have worn. There is an adjustable screw that can increase or reduce the holster retention. Adjustable tension is a nice feature that I have grown very accustom to on modern day holsters.

Like Kydex, the injection molded polymer holds its shape even under the pressure of IWB carry on this fat guy. When looking at an EDC holster that I wear IWB the ability to re-holster while maintaining situation awareness is important. This rigid shape allows for that.

When properly situated and adjusted I found this to be an easy to draw easy to re-holster rig, perfect for getting the job done.

Aftermarket support

All the parts you need are included with the base purchase price of the product. Additionally parts are available for replacement or increased adjustability.

  • 2, 3, 4, 5 hole belt clips with and without HSP Logo
  • Integrated mag carrier
  • Separate mag carrier
  • INCOG Hardware Kit
  • Screw

Here is the best part. The Incog Holster is less expensive than many Kydex holsters in the market. At only 69.95 for a holster, you will find this to be one of the best deals period.

Having worn this holster over 30 days now there is no doubt to me that this is going to be my go to EDC holster for my Glock 19. I can’t explain how comfortable it is compared to most other rigs I have worn and how well it rides. If you follow me on Instagram at all, you will see pictures of it all over the place. If you keep following me you will continue to see this holster in my EDC.

Let me know in the comments below what you are carrying your gun in and why. If you’re a fan or hater of the Incog leave a message so we can discuss its merits or negatives in detail.


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