House Bills 4133, 4134 and 4350 Head to Senate for Consideration

House Bills 4133, 4134 and 4350 designed to allow Police, Prosecutors, Retired Prosecutors and Corrections Officers the ability to carry in Pistol Free Zones has passed the Michigan House of Representatives yesterday Nov 12th. The bill now heads to the Senate and if passed will be on the Governors desk soon.

There is no doubt that these individuals are more likely to be targeted by violent criminals then the average citizen. These men and women put their lives on the line and risk the wrath of those they arrest, prosecute and detain and we thank you for the service you do. However prosecutors for example receive no firearms training nor do they participate in qualifications that police officers do.  To say these people are special because of their training is negated by the inclusion of prosecutors.

Every man woman and child is at risk in a pistol free zone or what some refer to as target rich zone.  Just  yesterday we reported on shots being fired during a car jacking an Seaholm High School in Birmingham. All citizens need to have the right to carry a weapon if they so choose. The job of protecting my family and life is my responsibility and disarming me in the name of safety only strengthens  the ability for those who break the law to do harm.

This is what Michigan Open Carry has to say on the matter:

“In essence, Michigan Open Carry believes these bills amount to favoritism,” assistant legislative director Tom Lambert said in an email. “MOC very much respects efforts to relax gun laws in Michigan, but MOC does not believe those laws should only be relaxed for the politically connected in Lansing. For every reason these special groups need to carry, so does the rest of the population.”

We encourage you all to contact your senators and urge them to either expand this legislation for all citizens or reject this legislation. This country was founded on individual rights and the rights of the people to be equal. Part of the revolution was against the social class structure established by the Monarchy. Lets not give the ability to protect themselves to just special groups but to all Michiganders.

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