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The worst kept secret of the IDF is the apodictic hawtness of its female personnel. You can always spot someone on their first visit to Israel by the way they are gawking at smoking hot women rocking Micro Tavors or M4s on the street (or while in a bikini on Tel Aviv’s beaches) like it’s normal. That’s because, well, it is normal.

Grunts: apodictic.

IDF Girls 6

Not only do these girls have magazine model looks and bodies but they can shoot, know their way around heavy munitions and can strip down an M4 as quickly as they can shuck into a skimpy swimsuit. While a known phenomenon, no one has previously thought to showcase it in the form of a calendar for those of us who appreciate good looking women and good looking firearms. See, here’s an example. This Keren. She was an IDF weapons instructor.

keren IDF girl weapon instructor

Then along came MTKL, a new Israeli company committed to….well, honestly I don’t remember what the press release said but…they promised us a calendar with Israel’s hottest bad asses and other excuses to feature hot IDF females.

While hot girl tactical calendars are not new and calendars like the Hot Shots Calendar and Tac Girls Calender have been gracing walls for several years already, the MTKL calendar is the first one to feature real IDF female troops in their underwear (which I and other Mad Duo minions believe to be a Good Thing). From F15 jet mechanics to weapons instructors and combat fitness instructors, these girls are the real deal and worth checking out.

What started out as an indiegogo campaign suddenly spiraled into a big media debate in Israel with more conservative types huffing and puffing while sifting through the calendar. Despite controversy (what a shock, it was criticized in Al Jazeera), the calendar is already on sale.

This is Kim, whose job involved MOUT operations:

IDF Girls 3

MTKL, (the name is inspired by “Sayeret Matkal” Israel’s premier SF unit) say they are already working on a streetwear clothing line with an IDF inspired theme. In a phone call they promised it will, of course be modelled by the fittest females the IDF has to offer. Check out the women of the IDF and the new MTKL calendar at http://www.mtklcalendar.com

Read some background on it here.


Mad Duo Dan

Daniel “Mad Duo Dan” Barak was an Israeli Para currently a Miluimnik (mill-oo-im-nick) reserve soldier with the IDF. He was deployed on combat operations during the Second Intifada, during Operation Defensive Shield and the Second Lebanon War. Ongoing fuckery with Hamas keep him in uniform frequently. He once completed the Para march called the “Masa Kumta” without any pants on (true story) and frequently provides us with insight and perspective on current goings-on in the Holy Land. Read more about him here.




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