HOGUE’S New Polymer 15 Degree Vertical Grips for ARs

Hogue Inc. is proud to announce the newest tactical advantage for AR-15 and M16 shooters.
Structurally crafted to be the lightest grip of its type, and ergonomically engineered to have the most comfortable fit, the Hogue AR-15/M16 polymer 15 degree vertical grip is the obvious choice for any tactical rifle aficionado.

Precisely engineered by Hogue’s expert designers, this AR-15 / M16 grip offers a natural grasp. “When designing this product, ergonomics was the number one priority; it simply had to feel right. And of course, aesthetics was also a main concern; it had to look good too,” said grip designer and Hogue co-owner Jim Bruhns.

In terms of performance, this grip is ideal for any AR-15 / M16 user. “It’s for military, for custom builders, for anyone really! It simply feels comfortable for guys who just want to shoot.” Compared to the standard 30 degree angle grips for AR-15 / M16, the 15 degree angle allows for a more natural hand position in close quarter situations.

The stacking formation often used by the military in close quarter combat requires the rifle to be square with the chest and for the elbows to be tight to the body, forcing the hand into a sharper angle. The Hogue vertical grip naturally meets the hand exactly in the proper position, making grip comfort effortless for the shooter.

Made from durable lightweight polymer that was strategically designed with a hollow center for maximum weight efficiency, the grip leads the lightest weight class on the market weighing in at a mere 1.5 ounces. The surface incorporates Hogue’s Cobblestone texture which provides an efficient non-slip, non-irritating stippling pattern.

Additionally, there is a recessed dish behind the trigger which heightens comfort and creates a smooth transition for the finger to the trigger. In anticipation of some builders’ needs, a clearance was also added in the top of the grip allowing for an upper receiver tensioning screw.

Ultimately, this grip provides optimum comfort and safety when handling AR-15 pistols, and will also fit any other firearm that uses standard AR-15 / M16 grips. They are made in the USA, available in Black, OD Green and Flat Dark Earth with an MSRP of $19.95.

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Hogue grips are manufactured in their family-owned and operated facilities under the direct supervision of the Hogue family. Hogue, Inc. supports local dealers and encourages customers to purchase Hogue products locally.

For more information please call Hogue directly at 1-800-438-4747 or visit www.hogueinc.com to find a Hogue dealer near you.

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