Help a Joe in need. And his daughter.

This post recently came to my attention from Breech Bang Clear. Lets band together and help this little girl.


Sergeant First Class Darian Ford is a US Army soldier and Iraq veteran. He was a platoon sergeant over one of Mad Duo Chris’ soldiers several years back during a deployment.



But more important than that, he’s the father of a nine-year old girl named Rebekah. And Rebekah has a serious problem:

Last year Rebekah was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure. She immediately began dialysis, has suffered through several surgeries and is awaiting a kidney transplant. According to her family, without the kidney transplant she will die.

Rebekah, in yellow

She’s on the list for a new kidney. But even if one becomes available, Sergeant First Class Ford can’t afford the surgery. Because TRICARE won’t cover $250,000 in surgery-related medical expenses.

This is pure, unadulterated, bureaucratic military bullshit. But unlike normal unadulterated bureaucratic military bullshit, we can do something about this one.

Sergeant First Class Ford is raising money to save his daughter’s life. No, we don’t expect anyone to donate their entire life savings, but we can all throw in something.

This is a link where you can donate:

Guys, let’s pull together for a fellow warrior. We can change his little girl’s life from this:


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