and lots of WIN!

Today I finally listed my LC9 on GunBroker. The day before I had gone to Geno’s tools and guns as well as Target Sports in Keego Harbor and a few other smaller shops to see if I could trade it in towards a Sig Sauer p938 which is on my short list. The most I had been offered was $275 which was not a bad offer. In truth if they had made a fair offer on either my AR-15 Lower, Winchester Shotgun or my Sig Sauer P250 I would have sold it and bought wither the Sig Sauer P229 with a SRT or the P380 they had. Fortunately for me in hindsight they did not.

One of the dealers suggested that I list my items on and then use the money to buy from him since he could not offer me what I wanted for my other items. Last night was my first attempt at using GubBroker to sell any items. I was foolish to ever consider selling to a local dealer after my experience. Within 2 hours of listing 3 of the firearms I was looking to sell a buy it now cam in for the LC9. The buy it now had been set at $450 which was more then I had paid for the gun new! With the recent shortage of firearms and panic buying going on I should not be surprised but it was a joy to see how easy it was to get fair or better then fair market value for my well cared for guns. When you add in the extra’s done to the gun and the holster that was included the deal is closer to what I actually paid but for a used gun it was a huge WIN!

All transactions are done via licensed FFL dealers and are 100% legal if you follow the simple rules that are outlined on the site. It is a fantastic resource to those of us who do nto want to go to gun shows or do not have access to a large client base.

If you have a well cared for used gun and are looking to trade it in for a new item use

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