Grey Ghost Range Bag Review

I find loading my range bag before a class or a review to be only slightly less therapeutic than shooting. Part of my tranquility comes from my almost OCD based obsession with everything being in its place. With the Grey Ghost Range Bag (no fancy name needed) I find my compulsion satiated.

I know what your thinking. A range bag review seriously! In all honesty, there is nothing earth shattering about this bag from Grey Ghost. But does a range bag need to be earth shattering? Like peanut butter and chocolate (I’m dieting so long for those 2) sometimes the simplest of things when put together right are all you need.


  • 12 inches tall
  • 14 inches wide
  • 8.5 inches deep
  • 1428 cubic inches
  • 500D Cordura

The Big Things

A deep adjustable pocket with a hook and loop divider allows you to break up your kit as needed. I have the Grey Ghost Range Bag divided 60/40 with the med kit in the smaller section and ammo in the larger.


1428 cubic inches of space this is bag enough to store all the items you might need without being so big you can’t carry it.

Grey-Ghost-Range-Bag-02Along those lines a wide padded strap makes carrying the bag, even when loaded down with ammo, comfortable. I love that this is an easy to detach strap that gets out of the way when not needed or wanted. I thought the fixed position of the padding would be an issue. Many bags use a wrap around the strap that will move to the point you need it. Those who have used those also find the bag will move around in the padding when heavily weighted. While a less adjustable solution Grey Ghost has made a bag that holds tighter to the body with less movement. By fixing the padding and adding a material that will grip to your shirt to avoid excess swinging and possible sliding off your shoulder they have won me over.


There are 2 internal mesh pockets. They work great for storing ear pro as well as fitting a holster. It also works great to store 2 16 oz bottles of water to stay hydrated on the range. On their website they say it works for spent brass as well.

Grey-Ghost-Range-Bag-03Fully opened or zipped up, the stitching and material choices have made a soft bag that is rigid enough to support its weight. I did not find it collapsing in on itself nor did it have hardened panels for support that just add weight.

All that would be expected in a modern day range bag. In fact, these are the items that are must haves when looking at any potential range bag. They are not the types of things that separate a good bad from an average one. So let’s get to some of the most refined features.

The Small Things

A full fledged smooth workstation is built right into the outer pocket of the Grey Ghost bag. Zip it open and you now have a vinyl, solvent resistant, scratch-free environment for your firearms while at the range.

If that was not enough in that workstation sowed into the liner is a rare earth magnet. This extremely strong magnet will hold bullets, screws, parts, or magazines in place and prevent the inevitable crawl on the ground, accompanied with many emergency range fixes. Brilliant and so damn simple.

Grey-Ghost-Range-Bag-07Inside this workstation pouch, is 7 elastic loops designed to secure magazines. The panel is also lined in hook and loop so you can attach hook backed pouches to further organize your bag or morale patches as I have done. This is useful if you’re looking to lay the bag out for repairing guns or setting up a med bag.

The other side of the bag has a large single pocket that is designed to accept a gun rug, targets and other items you may want to be stored outside your main compartment. A gun in a holster will fit nicely here as well.


The wide mouth of the bag is accessed by dual zippers that run end to end. The zippers are attached to each other by a quick grab cord allowing them to be pulled in tandem evenly. The result is a fast easy to open bag that does not require fine motor skills.


The “inch wide top that peels back contains 2 zippered mesh pockets. I have found this is a great place to store backup ear pro and batteries. This makes them easy to find and saves them coming in contact with any bare metal.


The Bling

Did I mention it comes in Kryptek Highlander and Mandrake? Yeah, it does! Which is my only complaint since it does not come in Typhon or Yeti. Having stained several black bags and never been dumb enough to own a white one I get the color choice, but the heart wants what it wants.

Final Conclusion

Quality materials, top of the line craftsmanship, supported by a lifetime (yes lifetime) guarantee is not a cheap. Like many of the Grey Ghost product line, this bag is priced at the higher end of the typical range and worth every penny. This bag retails at $171 regardless of color direct from Grey Ghost.

Having had this bag since just after SHOT Show we have given it a beating. As you can see in the pics, it has held up remarkably well. No pulled stitches and no unsightly wear. It endured a down pour at the Sentinal Concepts class and dried nicely once home. You will be hard-pressed to find a better thought out or better-built range bag.

To learn more or purchase this product, please see a local retailer or contact Grey Ghost Gear via their website.

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