The Greener Harpoon Gun: ‘You’re gonna need a bigger boat’ (VIDEO)

Using a Special .38 caliber Kynoch blank, the MkII Greener could rocket a light harpoon into any mechanical shark poking around Amity Island.

Built by Webley and Scott, the W.W. Greener martini-style action rifle was intended to help fish for large pelagics such as swordfish or tuna, but examples were famously used in a series of films featuring other large sea and interesting life.

The one that Ian with Forgotten Weapons breaks down in the above video comes complete with the original case, five harpoons, several lines, 90 MK II harpoon gun cartridges, a bore rod with cleaning attachments as well as two detachable line holders and is up for auction this month at RIA.

Throw in an M1 and you got yourself a deal.


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