GORUCK Repeat Offender


Once again the DBBCSWS (Designated Breach Bang Clear Shooting and Writing Sylph) Tatiana Whitlock gives a few moments of her time, and explains the etymology of the word, “rucktard”. Mad Duo

Grunts: Sylph, etymology


GORUCK Repeat Offender
by Tatiana Whitlock

Goruck events are akin to tattoos; after the first one they become down right addictive. Your first event is nerve racking, your family thinks you’re off your rocker, and you know it’s going to hurt. But you do it anyway and the experience leaves a lasting mark.

Folks who have completed Goruck events join a growing alumni of self-proclaimed “rucktards” around the world. It takes a special-breed-of-crazy individual to willingly pay for hours of physical and mental beatdown at the hands of a grinning cadre. While many classes include a mix of LEO and MIL folks, the crowd is predominantly civilian. For most of us it’s the closest we’ll ever get to what less than one percent of Americans who serve in the Armed Forces do every day. It’s a way to surrender self, work towards a goal with a group of complete strangers and prove that you won’t quit.


The first event I attended in Portland, ME was twelve hours of good livin’. Twenty individuals survived the initial two-hour “welcome party” of soul crushing PT on West End Beach and got properly soaked in the Atlantic. Despite a few teammates tossing their cookies on the sidelines, everyone managed to survive this make-or-break initiation without tapping out. The ten hours that followed for Class 551 were a cold, crunchy, endurance challenge.


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