Glock 40 MOS now shipping

The highly-anticipated Glock 40 MOS is now shipping. The extended-length “longslide” 10mm Auto pistol for the shooting sports turned a lot of heads when it was announced, and with good reason.

The Glock 40 MOS is an optics-ready longslide model that’s out-of-the-box ready for competition shooting and handgun hunting. With its 6-inch barrel it will maximize the potential of any 10mm load, generating greater muzzle velocities than any standard service-size pistol can.

On top of that the pistol comes with a spread of adapter plates that let users mount mini red dot sights without modification. Glock slides are famously — or notoriously — hard to machine, and it takes a lot of trust to let a gunsmith hog out a lump of one for the purpose of mounting a red dot.

The MOS comes ready from the factory for red dots and has multiple adapter plates for optics. This not only means users can install their preferred red dot without a gunsmith, it means that shooters can opt for different red dot sights down the line if they want to.

glock 40 mos with optic

The Glock 40 MOS ships with four adapter plates, a set of mounting screws and a wrench. The plates accommodate C-More, Docter, EOTech, Insight, Leupold and Meopta red dot optics.

To install an adapter plate, remove the adapter cover plate with the supplied wrench after field-stripping the pistol and slide, and screw in the right adapter. It’s light-bulb easy.

The MOS system is offered on a handful of other Glock pistols including the Glock Model 34, 35 and 41, in 9mm Luger, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. It’s possible that Glock has other models up their sleeve for other cartridges but for now they have their bases covered.

The Glock 40 MOS has a suggested retail price that’s higher than your average Glock pistol and it will be hard to pin down a street price for this high-demand 10mm handgun. It’s safe to say that if you can find one and afford it, go ahead and pick it up. There’s no telling how easy these guns will be to find in the coming weeks and months.

The Glock 40 and the MOS series as a whole prove that Glock is staying ahead of the curve. In a few years these packages will be standard throughout the industry, like Picatinny rails and other modular systems, and with a 10mm offering they’re already on a lot of people’s short lists.

The 10mm cartridge has a strong and dedicated following, and the Glock 40 MOS is a must-have option for a lot of shooters out there, whether they’re just getting into the 10mm business or are old hands with the powerful handgun cartridge.

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