Gerber’s MP1-AR Weapons Multi-Tool

While we’re not as gay for multi-tools as we are for flashlights, smocks, and woodland camo but we are definitely gear curious. A couple months back Gerber shipped us this MP1-AR to check out. We’ve had it on the range a few times, but not enough (yet) to give it a thorough workout. Hopefully we will within the next couple months.

Gerber MP1-AR MultiTool Breach Bang Clear Mad Duo 2

The MP1-AR is what Gerber describes as the “next evolution” in an AR15/M4/M16-centric tool, following up their earlier eFECT. It has a pin punch, carbon scraper and a carbon pick (like a dental tool) to clean out the ejector area in addition to assorted blades and whatnot. The MP1-AR features a magnetic bit driver and comes with a bit set that includes the Phillips, hex, Torx and fleshlight flat bits so often useful in making adjustments or field repairs to a rifle (there’s also a front sight adjustment tool for iron sights and a pin punch for trigger assemblies). Ours came in a coyote nylon PALS pouch – that may be the only color option, but we’ve got an e-mail in to them to make sure.

Gerber MP1-AR MultiTool Breach Bang Clear Mad Duo 44jpg


Gerber MP1-AR MultiTool Breach Bang Clear Mad Duo 3

Like other pieces of Gerber kit, the MP1-AR is made in the USA (in Portland, specifically).  It retails for $176. Features include:

• Spring-loaded, forged steel needle nose plier jaws
• Wire cutter
• Wire stripper
• Full-size serrated blade
• Full-size fine edge blade
• Takedown pin punch
• Carbon scraper
• Dental style carbon pick
• Magnetic bit driver
• MOLLE compatible coyote nylon sheath
• 12-piece bit set

Gerber MP1-AR MultiTool Breach Bang Clear Mad Duo 1

Gerber MP1-AR MultiTool Breach Bang Clear Mad Duo 4

Here’s a quick video overview (which you should watch if for no more reason than Andrew, the narrator, has a voice made for late night conspiracy theory shows and porn documentaries).

We’ll hit you back in a few weeks with an overview and our opinion. Stay tuned – unless of course you’re a hippie or sissy, in which case you shouldn’t be reading this site anyway.

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