Gear left adrift is a gift

You all know we like nice ti… uh, “tips”, and when we find ’em, we have to share. We recently spotted a pretty good piece addressing dummy cords (or lanyard or static cord, depending on your unit’s argot and how fancy you want to get). Just as certain simple precautions are to hangover prevention, so static cords can be to knives or other gear (that’s what the lead image is all about…get the reference now?). In this article from Jerking the Trigger’s Matt in “Tactical Handyman” you can see the simple genius in this everyday carry hack. Not just in how to do it, but why. Yes, we know, vast numbers of you already know this…but some of you don’t.

Gear left adrift is a gift — you know you’ve heard the phrase.

He tells us about a simple way to carry a knife (or knives) and writes thusly:

Static cords aren’t exactly a secret but they also aren’t really a product that can be sold because they are so easy to make. That means no one really talks about them. It is literally just a loop of some kind of cord that is fixed to your knife sheath. The concept is so simple and so dirt cheap that I think it leaves some people feeling skeptical that it can actually be good.

So Simple it Hurts Hack 1
Photo Credit: Jerking the Trigger

Matt explains how to quickly gear up:

The static line is simply a cord that is fixed to your knife sheath. It serves two purposes. First, it prevents the knife from falling down inside your pants while carrying. Second, it deploys the knife by limiting the travel of the sheath.

Once you have the static cord tied to your sheath, you simply loop it onto your belt. This can be accomplished without even removing your belt with a simple girth hitch. Now you tuck the sheath into your waist line like you would an IWB holster or sheath with the handle exposed and oriented the way you want it for easy deployment.

Dummycording your knife - a field expedient knife lanyard
Photo Credit: Jerking the Trigger
And puking during PT and losing your knife. Secure your shit, nasties.

When you draw the knife, you simpl[y] grab the handle and pull away from your belt. The cord is attached your belt so that once the full length of the cord is reached, the sheath pops free of the knife. It works every time.

Most of us are already likely to have static cord (as in paracord or 55o cord) in our possession. If not, they’re easy and cheap to get ahold of. Much like our favorite dancing moms.

The article goes on to address some of the concerns of carrying a knife on ones person, addressing type and bulk issues also. You can read that article in full right here.

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