G2R R.I.P Bullet should RIP. Not Ready For Primetime

Shooting the Bull has done a third party independent ballistics test on the new G2 Research R.I. P round. For true gun nuts who rely on science and not hype will find this to be inline with many of our initial thoughts.

I did not expect this round to be a game changer as I had been hearing. However I did not expect it to fail as badly as it did in this video.

More in Part 2

This is a ballistic gel test of the G2 Research R.I.P. “Radically Invasive Projectile” in 9mm.
The test pistol was a Glock 19 with 4.02″ barrel. This pistol delivered velocity even higher than that claimed by the company; the company advertises a muzzle velocity of 1256 feet per second, and in this test the ammo delivered an average of 1313 feet per second.

This particular test is a bare gelatin test using professional ballistic gelatin mixed, prepared, stored, and calibrated properly, mixed at a 10% ratio (1 part gel to 9 parts water). The gelatin is VYSE professional ballistic gel, sold by Gelatin Innovations Inc.

This test is my first report on the G2 Research R.I.P. ammo. I will be doing a follow-up video that includes penetration tests through plywood, through 4 layers of denim, and through 12 layers of denim, so hit “subscribe” to be notified when that’s posted.

Note: I’m not making any claims for these videos other than that these are the results I achieved, in my own testing, from the stated pistol. I have no intention to make a blanket endorsement or indictment of any product, only to review and report what I found in a given instance. Obviously it is incumbent upon each individual to conduct their own research and make up their own mind about which defensive ammunition is best for their own purposes, in their own firearms. Also keep in mind that individual firearms can be persnickety; my pistol may feed a particular round consistently whereas your pistol might jam on those rounds, so — please conduct your own testing before trusting any particular ammo.

The purpose of this testing is to see how the G2 R.I.P. round performs according to documented, standardized testing procedures. G2 Research clearly understands these standards, because right on the box they print their claims of ballistic gel penetration and damage cavity size. G2 claims a 6″ wide spread and 15″ to 17″ of penetration, which would be well in excess of the minimum 12″ penetration depth required by the IWBA and FBI.

Watch the video to see how the ammunition performed in actual gel testing.
For those who don’t understand why the 12″ penetration distance is so important, please see my blog entries on the subject:


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