Funnel Of Love

Armaspec is a USA based, USA manufacturer making quality products for AR pattern rifles. We recently reviewed the TCB or Tactical Combat Button, which is an enlarged magazine release.

While Chris was checking that product out, I have been running the R-23 Rhino. The Rhino by Armaspec is a patented combination of a mag funnel and a grip for the AR rifle.

  • 60-degree magazine insertion angle
  • Fits mil-spec M16, M4, and AR-15 lowers without modification.
  • Ultra-light, super strong mil-spec reinforced polymer
  • Supports all Magpul PMAGS including Gen 3
  • lifetime warranty


The R-23 is designed to fit on any Mil-Spec forged lower. It was not designed to and will likely not fit on a forged lower. I know it didn’t fit on the 3 I had access to here. It did. However, fit on 5 different forged lowers from multiple manufacturers.

Installation took about 2 minutes with the included hardware. Clamshell, the R-23 around your magwell, attach 3 screws, and you’re done. There has been no wobble or alignment issues on any of our test guns.

armaspec-rhino-04What attracted me to the product was the flared magwell. While I have gotten better at changing mags under pressure with my carbine by no means am I excellent. When practicing at home no stress I hit the magwell dead on 99% of the time. On the range, it is common to enter on an angle at least 50% of the time.

I find on my flared milled lowers the mag goes in properly about 75% of the time. Still not something to write home about.

By installing the R-23, the mag insertion angle allows for 90-60-degree insertion. This swing room of 30 degrees works on both the left and right side giving you a full 60 degrees of insertion angle.

Those of us with big tools can appreciate the increased assertion angle. God knows you don’t want to miss the hole or jam a mag someplace it doesn’t belong.

In practice, the wider angle of insertion allows for you to correct easily an off angle insert. Meaning your more likely to properly load your gun under pressure. How much of a difference? YMMV but I have reduced even high stress reloads down to a 5% failure rate. Those failures are from when inserting the mag on too much of a forward or reward cant.

armaspec-rhino-15 armaspec-rhino-14The magwell grip is a bonus in my eyes but in a few limited situations it is a huge bonus. When working with short SBR’s or AR-Pistols you may not have a substantial amount of room to work with on the handguard to install a VFG or a forward grip. In these cases adding a platform to steady the gun is a definite upgrade.

Some instructors and bloggers will tell you never to grip the gun by the magwell. There is sound logic behind why they say this.

  1. Using a traditional lower grabbing the magwell creates pressure on the magazine that can lead to feeding issues.
  2. Putting your had on the magwell exposes the lower portion of your hand to one of the most dangerous places on the gun. In the event of a slamfire or blowout, explosive gasses and shrapnel are more likely to come out the magwell than any other part of the gun. This increases the risk of serious injury to the operator.

The R-23 Rhino, however, manages both these issues.

  1. By extending the magwell and creating an elongated flair, gripping the R-23 puts no additional pressure on the magazine. This eliminates the risk of misfeeds due to grip pressure.
  2. By elongating the surface for the magwell to include an actual grip, gasses and shrapnel are funneled out the magwell below the hand. Keeping the operator clear of the immediate blast area.

While the short grip stance of the R-23 is not ideal for a precision shooter, it does excel in CQB and short distance fighting. Especially paired with a short barreled rifle in home defense or warrant serving applications.

These upgrades and advantages come at a cost as does everything at life. The extended flared magwell requires you grab the AR magazines lower on their body. If you are too high on the magazine at insertion, you will be unable to seat the mag without moving your hand. I found that cupping the magazine from the bottom avoided these issues. Cupping also appears to have increased my success rate on reloading.

armaspec-rhino-01For an SBR or CQB weapon, this is now on my must have list. I am pissed I built my MI-Pistol out of a Milled lower as I cannot attach this. It’s time to buy a new forged lower that is registered as a pistol.

For 3 gunners or those who just want shave time of reloads or increase the amount of safe ways to grip their gun in non-standard shooting stances this is an upgrade for you.

At only $30 this product will not break the bank. It is easy to put on and take off your gun making it versatile and adds little a minimal amount of weight. It is even available in the most common colors, Black, Flat Dark Earth and OD Green.

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