Fix It Sticks delivers all-new AR15 Maintenance Kit

The AR-15 Maintenance Kit aims to offer a robust tool set for AR-15 users but with less bulk. (Photo: Fix It Sticks)


The soon to be released AR-15 Maintenance Kit, by Fix It Sticks, is designed to give AR owners a comprehensive, yet compact tool set for AR maintenance.

The kit is the brainchild of Fix It Sticks — a company that created a compact multi-tool utilizing two sticks that when placed into a t-shape offer more leverage. The original Fix It Stick aimed to give bike riders a means to do on the fly tooling of their bikes without carting a bulky toolkit. Fix It Sticks is now expanding its product offering to include an AR kit for shooters.

The AR-15 Maintenance Kit contains a bevy of bits and accessories for AR-15 maintenance. Contained within a hard carrying case, the case is crafted to hold any bit with a standard 1/4-inch base and any 8/32 threaded component.

Included in the kit:

  • Set of Fix It Sticks
  • Bolt Carrier Group Scraper
  • Metal Pin Punch
  • Castle Nut Wrench
  • Bronze Scraper
  • Steel Pick
  • Non-Marring Plastic Pin Punch
  • Cleaning Brush Bit
  • A2 Front Sight Adjustment Bit
  • Set of Brass Cleaning Rods (can accept 8-32 threaded attachments)
  • Set of two bit adapters to allow for 8-32 threaded components
  • 12 Chrome Plated 1/4″ Bits

Right now, Fix It Sticks is running a special pre-order price of $65 on the setup. The company estimates the AR-15 Maintenance Kit will be ready to ship in early Feb. 2018.


The kit includes a bevy of tools, including the company’s own Fix It Sticks. (Photo: Fix It Sticks)

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