First Looks: Leitner-Wise MFG eSights

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We first heard about these a few months ago, but one of our minions finally got hands-on with them. Today we explain the concept and design but you can anticipate a full review in the future. Mad Duo

First Looks: Leitner Wise MFG eSights
Dave Merrill

While tromping around the annual NRA Meeting down in Nashville a couple weeks ago I ran into Paul Leitner-Wise (he wasn’t hard to spot; being a well-dressed Canadian in a sea of Realtree has its benefits). What he had with him, aside from a bourbon glow and Vanessa in tow, was a pre-production set of his eSights. I mounted them on a rifle, took a couple sight pictures, and overall fingerfucked them.

The concept of the eSights is thus:
There was a time when any electronic sight was considered less than reliable. As such, having a set of backup irons on your rifle was paramount. As time and technology forges on, some argue that there is less of a need for backup sights (provided you purchase a quality optic). I personally don’t fall into this camp, and take no issue with spending a couple hundred on a decent set of irons. But a lot of people are “doing the math” as it were, and deciding the BUIS juice isn’t worth the squeeze for the money.

So what are people doing instead? One of three things:
Buying Used
Buying Cheap
Going Without

The Leitner-Wise crew made a fourth option: eSights. Designed as true emergency sights (that’s what the, ‘e’ stands for), they tuck way out of the way until the [increasingly unlikely] time they’re needed. To say they’re low-profile is an understatement. Just look at this comparison with a major name-brand folding front sight

Yes, they have the same height over bore as a standard AR sight; it’s just that every other dimension has been reduced. It has an effect of making them look shorter. At $89.50 for a set ($46.50 for just the front or rear) they won’t break the bank. No, they aren’t plastic either but machined from billet 7075 aluminum and hard coat anodized.

The way they tuck into the rail is reminiscent of the Knights Armament integral front sight on their URX III forend.
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Of course, there’s a rub: in order to make these so small and low-pro, they completely forgo any adjustment. Yes indeed, pull out the pitchforks. Here is the rationale, in their own words:

…take a look at handguns. From the factory they are largely supplied with pretty much the most agricultural sights imaginable and surprisingly, these sights will remain on the weapon as the primary sighting system for the life of the firearm. Most are either non-adjustable or require the use of an equally agricultural tool to effect even minimal adjustment making them arguably the most reliable sights on the planet.

So, burning the midnight oil and fueled with some of Ireland’s finest spirits, I hit upon eSights or “Emergency” sights. A Back Up Iron Sight that is cheap, simple, readily deployable, ruggedly robust, nonfuckupable and stunningly beautiful. These flip-up sights can be deployed in less than a second and because we control the manufacturing tolerances and can ensure that they mount centrally on the Picatinny rail, are completely non-adjustable. Shoot the firearm, note the zero and off you go. At the maximum range you’re ever likely to need to use this system, you’ll hit everything you are aiming at safe in the knowledge that even though you haven’t touched that firearm for months or even years the eSights will always shoot to the same zero.


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