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Every once in a while a new product comes along that makes you really question the way you’ve been doing business. The new Vertx Delta Stretch pants are one of those revelations for me. My fabric of choice besides uniform gear has always been either wool or canvas, depending on season and activity. But whenever I hear “stretch pants” all I can think of is the scrawny hipster in skinny jeans or the Spandex-clad “people of Walmart.”

Vertx has been dangling their carrot in front of us with the promise of new trousers and bags for SHOT Show 2016, and I’m one of the lucky minions that gets to try them out. None too soon I might add, as I am about six hours from catching a cross country flight. This is a perfect opportunity to put these pants through the paces.

Vertx Delta Stretch Pants 2

Vertx Delta Stretch Pants – exactly WTF do they do?

We’ve come to expect pretty-innovative-yet-low-key products from Vertx, and these are no exception. Here are some of these pants’ features:

  • Soft flexible fabric for optimal mobility
  • Discrete interior back pocket credential flaps
  • Knife notches located on the front pockets
  • Concealed vertical zipper pocket
  • Leather lined tool pockets on each side
  • Gusseted crotch provides freedom of movement
  • Articulated knees allow for greater freedom of movement
  • Concealed carry compatible waistband.

Fabric construction is 98% cotton 2% Spandex stretch Tricotine. They also come in a variety of earth toned colors including Graphite, Olive Green, Tobacco, and Sand.

Vertx Delta Stretch Pants 1

The stretchy pants thing is a bit of a novelty for me. If I ever need a little more flexibility I usually just don a kilt, but I do admit this is one comfortable pair of slacks (and they look pretty sharp as well). I can guarantee that TSA will be happy I’m not wearing my customary man skirt to the pat down party this time. Thus far, these pants seem to offer great freedom of movement and functional anonymity when traversing the public thoroughfares. As far as comfort and wear ability are concerned, that remains to be seen. What better crucible to test them than a coach seat in a cramped, over booked, fart tube high in the friendly skies? Such is the life of a BB&C Minion!

I do have high hopes for them and so far I am not disappointed. After a two hour vehicle ride and a full day at the airport the Delta Stretch Pants will show their true colors, and I’ll give you the complete after action report.

Learn more about Vertx here. You can find ’em on Facebook right here or follow them on Instagram, @vertx_official. If you’re a Twitter-er, their handle there is @vertx.

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Keep calm and drink mead. Til Valhall!


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