First Look | MultiMag Rapid-Adjust™ Pocket by First Spear

I have a pouch for everything and anything including a pouch for 2 cans of dip. Pouches are pouches, right? Well yes and no. I like things to be easy – the less moving parts the better. The First Spear MultiMag Rapid-Adjust™ Pocket makes life easier and reduces hassle by incorporating a revolutionary design featuring the Boa System. The Boa System has been around for a while and it has made life easier for countless professionals with their product used in golf shoes, snowboard, hiking and hunting/fishing boots. The Boa System is designed to tighten your laces down and keep them tight “So you can focus on what matters”. First Spear and the guys and gals over at Boa teamed up to make a universal pocket for magazines, comm’s platforms, and basically anything else you can stick in a pocket not to mention the 6 1/2 laser cut platform that its made out of (best thing in the world).

MultiMag Rapid-Adjust™ Pocket is the base platform I now use for magazine pouches. Molle is great and all but she is also a pain in the ass to work with. I hated having to change my mag pouches if I had to run 7.62 mags or 5.56 mags. its annoying, a waste of time, and is one of those things that just gets on my nerves if I wanted to run a different weapons platform depending on the operation. The MultiMag Rapid-Adjust™ Pocket is perfect for me because I can run comms, 7.62 mags, 5.56 mags or even pistol mags with the “Speed Reload Insert Kit”.

Having the ability to rapidly adjust the tension on my magazines is one of the best ideas out there. Before I would have to use velcro straps to hold my magazines down and those velcro straps would get in the way of my reload transitions. Then the retention straps came out and they were easier than velcro but my magazines would still get caught in between reloads every now and then. Then my buddy Joe at First Spear introduced me to their MultiMag Rapid-Adjust™ Pocket. It was love at first sight right out of the box. The ability to tighten your magazines down without retention straps was huge. I hate having anything loose on my kit not to mention the extra weight (1 oz can turn into 1 pound very quickly).

The Multimag pouch also can double for a utility pouch. No more comms specific pouches, dip ouches or phone pouches – 1 pouch does it all. First Spear all in all is one of my favorite brands due to their cutting-edge technologies and quality that is seen in every piece of gear they come out with. To the people over at First Spear, keep on doing your thing. You’re changing the game one step at a time and keeping us guys that use your gear 3 steps ahead in our ability to perform our missions. Thank you, First Spear.

*Photos courtesy of First Spear