FIME Group unveils new AK-47, modeled on VEPR platform

Las Vegas based FIME group announced the newest member to its Molot line of rifles, the Vepr modeled FM-AK47-11.

Featuring a RPK-style trunnion block, ribbed polymer hand guards with stainless steel heat shield and 1.5mm stamped receiver, the FM-AK47 puts a modern sporting rifle spin on the classic AK47 platform. The Vepr is chambered in 7.62x39mm with a 14x1mm left-hand muzzle thread. The rifle also incorporates a polymer Warsaw length buttstock with cleaning kit tucked away behind a trap door for easy access.

The Vepr was designed to be a rugged rifle, able to withstand the test of time.

“Built on the same standard as the RPK style machine guns, Vepr is 50% more reinforced than a standard, stamped AK rifle,” the company said on its website. “Each rifle has been manufactured using state of the art technology, effectively creating a heavier duty piece that will last through not just a lifetime but for many generations to come.”

Originally manufactured in Russia in the famed Molot Oruzhie factory, FIME Group brought the FM-AK47 rifle to American consumers. This American redesign pairs upgraded aesthetics such as a side-mounted scope mount rail to original features such as the original gas tube and retainer for lower hand guard.

The rifle can accept any mil-spec AK-47 magazine and tips scales at 8 pounds with a loaded five round mag. With an overall length of 34.75 inches and a 16.5 inch barrel, the Vepr achieves an effective range of 400 meters with a maximum range of 1350 meters.

The Vepr FM-AK47-11 hits the U.S. market at $999.99.   

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