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If you are like us, you spend a lot of time out in the field and on the move. Hitting the road on assignment and breaking brush in the back country have something in common, and that’s the difficulties with maintaining good hygiene away from home. A lot of dirty grunts over the years have taken the “ounces equal pounds” mantra a little too far, either cutting down their tooth brush handle or not bringing one along at all. That’s just nasty, and seeing how half of those dudes have a dip in 90% of the time it’s also a really bad idea. Keeping your fangs clean is important, and that’s why we were intrigued by a new tooth brush we recently discovered.

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Introducing: the TOOB™

This particular tooth brush was purchased at an outdoor retailer for under 6 bucks. This might seem a little steep for a brush, but it’s the design that sets it apart from others on the market. The main difference is its ability to keep a small amount of tooth paste within the handle. The tube slides out and carries enough paste for a long weekend trip. The cool thing is that it doesn’t use some special refill, but simply screws on to most tooth paste tubes for a resupply of your favorite paste. Both the onboard refillable tooth paste tube and brush cover are friction fit to the body, and thus far we haven’thad any issues with either coming off unintentionally.

toon toothbrush 2

We have been using this brush for a few months, and the key word that sums it all up is convenience. The TOOB is a completely self contained unit, making it easy to pack in whatever way you want. The plastic body is crush resistant and protects the brush head from dirt and debris when thrown into a ruck or day bag. The brush head itself is firm, and has lasted very long considered how much we have been using our TOOBS. The brush head is also replaceable, you can purchase two replacement brush heads for a near $3.00, so if you like the design you can keep using it. 


Offered in several different colors, you can pick one up online at their website. We know this seemed like a pretty stupid review, but we figured it was worth talking about since its worked out very well for us, and sometimes it’s the little things that really help out. If you travel often, give it a look and let us know what you think. 


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