Female Canadian soldier beats out 700 in sharpshooter competition (4 PHOTOS)

Sgt. Tatyana Danylyshyn of the Canadian Scottish Regiment picked up top honors in international shooting competitions in both the U.S. and the UK in recent months.

Danylyshyn, a reservist from Victoria, British Columbia who joined the Canadian Forces in 2002, won the Hager Hollon Trophy for Top Rifle Shooting earlier this year at the 24th Armed Forces Skill at Arms Match hosted by the U.S. Army National Guard Marksmanship Training Center in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

The match included soldiers from the U.S., Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Jamaica and of course, the mighty Canadians.

While the Americans and Brits swept the pistol categories, ginger-haired Danylyshyn scooped up the rifle competition.

“Sgt. Danylyshyn beat everyone else with a score of 190 out of a possible 250 in what was essentially an infantry rundown,” said team captain, Lieutenant Devin Kruk. “Her match moved from deliberate fire at the 400, 300, and 200 yards to reflexive fire at the 100 with a walk down from 75 to 25 yards.”

Picking up the Hager Hollon Trophy at Camp Joseph T. Robinson earlier this year. (Photo: Arkansas ARNG)

Sergeant Tatyana Danylyshyn3

Then last month she traveled to the land of warm beer to compete in the annual Bisley shooting competition held in Bisley, England, in a field with 700 competitors. There, she competed in two of the three weapons categories: operational service rifle and service pistol, winning top shot in the former, with her field standard Colt Canada C7A2 rifle with 3.4x28mm C79A2 optics.

The C7 is a Canadian-built M16A2 but with a hammer-forged heavy barrel standard.

“It was an honor to be selected to represent Canada at such a prestigious event, and a real privilege to be able to shoot with and against some of the best shooters from various nations in the world. I am grateful for the skills learned and honed through the Canadian Army,” she said.

Danylyshyn isn’t hanging up her C7 this year just yet; she is heading to the Connaught Ranges in Ottawa this September.

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