Falling into the ring of fire with a S&W 460 Magnum (VIDEO)

Top Shot Chris Cheng steps up from his traditional .22 rimfire trick shots to the beefy .460 Smith and experiences the “ring of fire” first hand.

The .460 has been around for about a decade and is a stretched and (if it can be imagined) more powerful version of the vaunted .454 Casull for which  Smith designed their beefed up X-frame revolvers to help contain it.

Not content to set the roman candle off with the more traditional long-barreled XVRs, Cheng and co. went with the shorty 3.5″ version and the unburnt powder produces some interesting pyrotechnics.

Bonus points for the Man in Black background music.

Source Article from http://www.guns.com/2015/10/19/falling-into-the-ring-of-fire-with-a-sw-460-magnum-video/

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